For the history and a drawing of this fruit I refer to the first volume of the Horticulturist, page 382. I obtained from my friend Mr, Chas, Downing, about three years ago, cuttings from the seedlings, and on the 30th July Last, succeeded in maturing three on the tree; it corresponds very nearly with the plate, with the exception it has a sharper point, and is not quite so large, which I attribute to the excessive drought we have labored under this summer, scarcely any of our peaches being half the ordinary size; the tree, or more properly speaking, the bush, is hardly thirty inches high; but I think with ordinary seasons the tree as well as fruit will be much larger. Around the pit the flesh has the appearance of a very ripe tig. half dried, and is as distinct and marked in its taste as honey itself; one or two would be as many as any person would desire to eat at one time. I natter myself 1 have been the first to fruit it in America* I exhibited it on yesterday to the fruit committee of our State Agricultural Society; all agreed it was the most remarkable, distinct, and richest peach they ever tasted. I consider now that with my two varieties, the Chinese cling and honey peach, I have the rarest and the beat peaches on the continent.

Henrr Lyons.

Laurel Park Columbia S.C, August 2,1856.