Arundo - Notes

Only inferior to the great Pampas Grass in effect, Arundo conspicua is well worth planting in moist spots or by the waterside. The silky white panicles may be eight feet high in August. A. Donax, the Great Reed, has reddish plumes fading to white, eight to twelve feet high. There is a dwarf form with striped leaves called versicolor, a variegated form called variegata, and one with very large leaves, called macrophylla. They should have a sheltered place and a covering over the stools in winter. Although used as shrubs and listed in shrub catalogues, they are really herbaceous, but they hold their panicles for several months.

Ash - Notes

One of the most familial of our large deciduous timber trees, the Ash, Fraxinus excelsior, has several forms, such as arbutifolia, argenteo-variegata, (silver variegated), aucubaefolia and pendula (drooping). The last named may be used for a lawn tree. F. Ornus is the Flowering or Manna Ash, which produces panicles of creamy flowers in May; angustifolia, Mariesii and variegata are forms of it; Mariesii is the best. F. Americana is the White Ash. They are not particular as to soil. The Mountain Ash is Pyrus aucuparia.