Pseudolarix - Notes

Kaempferi (syn. Larix Kaempferi) is the Japanese Golden Larch.

Pseudostuga - Notes

The only species of any importance is P. Douglasi (syn. Abies Douglasi). See Chapters 5, 14. and 17. (Conifers). There are several garden forms of this beautiful tree, including glaucous and drooping. It does not care for a cold, exposed site.

Ptelea - Notes

Trifoliata is the Hop Tree, a deciduous tree growing up to eight feet high, with yellow flowers in summer; there is a form called aurea, the new spring foliage of which is tinted yellow. Ordinary soil.

Pterocarya - Notes

Deciduous trees, of which caucasica (syn. fraxinifolia) growing up to thirty feet high, with greenish flowers in May; and stenoptera (syn. laevigata) are met with. Loam.

Pterostyrax - Notes

See Halesia.

Punica - Notes

Granatum is the Pomegranate, a deciduous tree growing up to thirty feet high, with red flowers in summer, followed by large orange-like fruits. It does not bear in northern climes, and may not even bloom unless grown on a south wall. There is a double form. Loam and leaf mould.

Pyracantha - Notes

See Crataegus.