Humile and the larger species ruscifolia are evergreens with glossy leaves that are important because they will grow under the shade of trees. Ruscifolia is a vigorous but compact grower, bearing white scented flowers.


Integrifolia is a deciduous climber with white bracts. S. hydrangeoides is a Chinese and Japanese species with white flowers which climb by means of aerial roots and is suitable for the pergola; this was introduced as far back as 1879. The Schizophragmas are very well described as climbing Hydrangeas.


Henryi, mollifolia, Veitchii and Wilsonii are all worthy of attention. Henryi bears white flowers in corymbs on long arching shoots in late spring. See the Botanical Magazine, T. 8270. Mollifolia is of creeping habit and is suitable for the rock garden. Veitchii is a fine species blooming in July in white terminal corymbs. It is illustrated in the Botanical Magazine, T. 8383. Assurgens is worth growing for its prettily-tinted foliage alone, but the inflorescence, in rosy panicles, is beautiful.