During the heat of summer and occasionally at other times, children are subject to an eruption of small vesicles about the size of a pin's head, filled with watery fluid. These sometimes break and form into thin scabs. They are attended with an itching burning heat and some fever. It is generally occasioned by warm rooms and too warm clothing.

Daily bathing and proper attention to dress are essential to a cure. If much fever and restlessness are present, Aconite may be given in alternation with Cha-momilla, four hours apart. If the eruption is extensive and attended with a burning itching, Rhus may be given, morning and night, followed, if relief is not obtained in a few days, by Arsenic or Sulphur, at night.

There is another form of eruption, called the " Med Gum," which consists of small red pimples, chiefly confined to the neck and arms, although sometimes extending over the body. The treatment is similar to that indicated above.


Six globules or three drops of the remedy may be mixed in a glass half-full of water and a teaspoonful given at a dose.