Stings of Insects, and Bites of Serpents.

The sting of the bee, mosquito and other insects is often attended with considerable swelling and pain. Where attacked by bees, the better plan is not to fight them with the hands, but to cover the face by lying on the ground, face downwards, and remaining perfectly quiet.

The sting of the bee, mosquito, spider, and most poisonous insects will be relieved by bathing the parts with spirits of Ammonia or Hartshorn, or black garden mould may be placed over the swollen parts, renewing the application, when the pain increases. For the sting of the bee in the mouth or eye, honey may be applied.

Smoke, tobacco smoke, burning brown sugar on coals, will usually drive off musquitoes. In addition to the remedies, mentioned above, the parts may be held near the fire.

Bites of poisonous serpents not unfrequently produce speedy death, and even where death is not the result, the victim always suffers intense pain. No time is to be lost, as the poison is speedily transmitted to other parts of the system.

Dry heat should be applied, by means of a coal of fire, a hot iron, or even the stump of a segar. Great care should be taken that the heat should be steady and continuous The heated substance should be held as near the wound as possible without burning it, and continued until a stretching or shivering sensation is experienced. Where no fire can be obtained, a band may by drawn tightly above the wound, or the poison may be sucked out Oil, soap, or saliva may be applied around the wound. A little salt and water, gun-powder or garlic may be taken into the mouth from time to time. If there are severe shooting pains, nausea, Arsenic may be given once in fifteen or twenty minutes, followed, if relief is not obtained, by Belladonna.