Cdii = 111.5.

The element cadmium (Gr.

Cadmium 906

calamine, ZnCO3 - the two carbonates resemble and often occur together), official 1800-1880, is found sparingly in nature, associated with zinc ores, especially calamine - zinc carlbonate. It is a white metal resembling tin, but heavier and more tenacious, crackles when bent, sp. gr. 8.7. The air has little effect upon it, but when heated it combines with 1 atom of oxygen, producing orange-red oxide, CdO; it combines with chlorine, bromine, iodine, and sulphur.

Tests for Cadmium Salts: 1. With H2S or ammonium sulphide get yellow-orange sulphide. 2. NaOH or KOH produces white precipitate, insoluble in excess, while that of ammonia water is soluble in excess. 3. Sodium or potassium carbonates precipitate white cadmium carbonate; the salts of cadmium are little used in medicine, the sulphide to a considerable extent as a pigment.