Ammonii Chloridum. Ammonium Chloride

A white crystalline or granular powder, of a cooling, salty taste. The action of ammonium chloride on the skin is soothing rather than irritating, as applied in lotions. It has a cooling effect, and is a tonic to the sensory nerves, and reduces local external inflammation. It has a stimulant action on the liver; is diuretic and diaphoretic, and, like other preparations of ammonia, a stimulant expectorant. The taste is very nauseous, resembling sea-water.

Average dose, gr. V.-0.3 Gm., well diluted with cold water.

Ammonii Carbonas. Ammonium Carbonate

A very active and quickly diffusible stimulant to the heart and respiration, and an expectorant, acting in the latter capacity by liquefying the bronchial secretions, which are thus more easily raised, and the air-cells kept free. In large doses (gr. xxx.) ammonium carbonate acts as an emetic. It has a nauseous taste, is very pungent, and must be well diluted. It may be given in milk.

Average dose, gr. V.-0.3 Gm.

Aqua Ammoniae Fortior. Stronger Ammonia Water

Has a strength of 28 per cent., and has been used as an application to the bites of poisonous animals or serpents. It may be used as a vesicant, but its action is apt to be more severe than is desirable. It acts more quickly than cantharides, and does not affect the urinary organs.

Aqua Ammoniae. Ammonia Water

A solution of the gas in water, 10 per cent. in strength. It may be used externally as a counter-irritant. Applied in dilute solution to the bites made by insects, it relieves the sting. Taken internally, it is a general stimulant and antacid.

Average Dose, E XV

I mil, largely diluted.

Spiritus Ammoniae Aromaticus. Aromatic Spirit Of Ammonia

Contains ammonia water, and ammonium carbonate, with oil of nutmeg, of lemon, and of lavender; alcohol and water. It is an antacid and stomachic, overcoming a feeling of nausea, and a general stimulant. It is not unpleasant.

Average Dose, E XXX

2 mils, well diluted in milk or water.

Liquor Ammonii Acetatis. Solution Of Ammonium Acetate. Spirit Of Mindererus

Made from carbonate of ammonia ,and diluted acetic acid. It is more active than the other preparations, as a diaphoretic, especially if the body be kept warm. If the skin be kept cool, its diuretic action is more pronounced. It must be freshly prepared. Average dose, ʒ iv.-15 mils, well diluted with water.

Linimentum Ammoniae. Ammonia Liniment. Hartshorn Liniment

A mixture of ammonia water with sesame oil. It should be freshly made.

Raspail's Sedative Water. Not Official

A mixture of ammonia water, sodium chloride, and camphorated spirits of wine, with water. For sponge baths; cooling and sedative.