Solid Preparations

Extractum Opii. Extract Of Opium

Two Gm. of opium in one of extract Average dose, gr. ss.-0.03 Gm.

Pilulae Opii. Pills Of Opium. Not Official

Strength, about one grain to one pill. It is to be remembered that opium pills, if old, are dry and hard to dissolve, and if given in succession may produce alarming symptoms by accumulating in the alimentary canal and dissolving all at once.

Liquid Preparations

Tinctura Opii Camphorata. Camphorated Tincture Of Opium. Paregoric

Contains 4 Gm. of opium in 1000 mils; also benzoic acid, oil of anise, and camphor in the same proportions. Owing to the camphor it is more constipating than the other preparations.

As all children bear opium badly and some are highly susceptible to it, there could be no graver error than for paregoric to be included in the home medicine chest. It should never under any circumstances be given to children without the exact orders of a physician, and nurses should impress on the less well educated mother the danger of soothing syrups of a proprietary nature, as the amount of narcotics contained in them may ruin the child's development.

Average dose for adult, ʒ i.-4 mils.

Tinctura Opii Deodorati. Tincture Of Deodorized Opium

Contains no narcotine and none of the odorous principles, and is therefore less nauseating than laudanum. The strength is 10%. Average dose,  viii-0.5 mil.

Tinctura Opii. Tincture Of Opium. Laudanum

Strength, 10%. Average dose,  viii.-0.5 mil.

Other Preparations Containing Opium

Pulvis Ipecacuanhae Et Opii. Powder Of Ipecac And Opium. Dover's Powder

One hundred Gm. contain ten Gm. each of ipecac and powdered opium. An excellent diaphoretic, though somewhat nauseating.

To be taken at night. Average dose, gr. viii.-0.5 Gm.

Tinctura Ipecacuanhae Et Opii. Not Official. Tincture Of Ipecac And Opium

Dover's powder in a liquid form. Dose, the same as tincture of opium.

Tinctura Opii Composita. Compound Tincture Of Opium. Squibb's Diarrhoea Mixture. Not Official

Contains tincture of opium, tincture of capsicum, spirits of camphor, chloroform, and alcohol. Dose, ʒ i.-4 mils.