(Prior to 1887, The Sanitary Engineer.)

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The Engineering Record, while devoted to Engineering, Architecture, Construction, and Sanitation, has always made a special feature of its departments of Steam and Hot-Water Heating, in which a great variety of questions have been answered and descriptions of the work in various buildings have been given. The favor with which a recent publication from this office, entitled "Plumbing and House-Drainage Problems, "has been received suggested the publication of " Steam-Heating Problems," which, though dealing with another branch of industry, is similar in character. It consists of a selection from the pages of The Engineering Record of questions and answers, besides comments on various problems met with in the designing and construction of steam-heating apparatus, and descriptions of steam-heating work in notable buildings.

It is hoped that this book will prove useful to those who design, construct, and have the charge of steam-heating apparatus.



On blowing off and filling boilers.

Where a test-gauge should be applied to a boiler.

Domes on boilers: whether they are necessary or not.

Expansion of water in boilers.

Cast vs. wrought iron for nozzles and magazines of house-heating boilers.

Pipe-connections to boilers.

Passing boiler-pipes through walls ; how to prevent breakage by settlement.

Suffocation of workmen in boilers.

Heating-boilers. (A problem.)

A detachable boiler-lug.

Isolating-valve for steam-main of boilers.

On the effect of oil in boilers.

Iron rivets and steel boiler-plates.

Proportions for rivets for boiler-plates.

Is there any danger in using water continuously in boilers?

Accident with connected boilers.

A supposed case of charring wood by steam-pipes.

Domestic boilers warmed by steam.

Value Of Heating-Surfaces

Computing the amount of radiator-surface for warming buildings by hot water.

Calculating the radiating-surface for heating buildings - the saving of double-glazed windows.

Amount of heating-surface required in hot-water apparatus boilers and in steam-apparatus boilers.

Calculating the amount of radiating-surface for a given room.

How much heating-surface will a steam-pipe of given size supply ?

Coiis vs. radiators and size of boiler to heat a given building.

Calculating the amount of heating-surface.

Computing the cost of steam for warming.

Radiators And Heaters

A woman's method of regulating a radiator (covering it with a cosey).

Improper position of radiator-valves.

Hot-water radiator for private houses.

Remedying air-binding of box-coils.

How to use a stove as a hot-water heater.

" Plane" vs. "Plain" as a term as applied to outside surface of radiators.

Relative value of pipe on cast-iron heating sur face.

Relative value of pipe on steam-coils.

Steam-Heating Problems

"Warming churches (plan of placing a coil in each pew). Warming churches.

Pipe And Fitting

Steam-heating work - good and indifferent.

Piping adjacent buildings: pumps vs. steam-traps.

True diameters and weights of standard pipes.

Expansion of pipes of various metals.

Expansion of steam-pipes.

Advantages claimed for overhead piping.

Position of valves on steam-riser connection.

Cause of noise in steam-pipes.

One-pipe system of steam-heating.

How to heat several adjacent buildings with a single apparatus.

Patents on Mills' system of steam-heating.

Air-binding in return steam-pipes.

Air-binding in return steam-pipes, and methods to overcome it.


Size of registers to heat certain rooms. Determining the size of hot-air flues. Window ventilation. Removing vapor from dye-house. Ventilation of Cunard steamer "Umbria." Calculating sizes of flues and registers. On methods of removing air from between ceiling and roof of a church.


Economy of using exhaust steam for heating.

Heat of steam for different conditions.

Superheating steam by the use of coils.

Effect of using a small pipe for exhaust steam-heating.

Explosion of a steam-table.

Cutting Nipples And Bending Pipes

Cutting large nipples - large in diameter and short in length. Cutting crooked threads. Cutting a close nipple out of a coupling after a thread is cut. Bending pipe. Cutting large nipples. Cutting various sizes of thread with a solid die.

Raising Water Automatically

Contrivance for raising water in high buildings. Criticism of the foregoing and description of another device for a similar purpose.

Moisture On Walls, Etc

Cause and prevention of moisture on walls. Effect of moisture on sensible temperature.


Heating water in large tanks.

Heating water for large institutions and high city buildings. Questions relating to water-tanks.

Faulty elevator-pump connections.

On heating several buildings from one source.

Coal-tar coating for water-pipe.

Filters for feeding house-boilers. Other means of clarifying water.

Testing gas-pipes for leaks and making pipe-joints.

Will boiling drinking-water purify it?

Differential rams for testing fittings and valves.

Percentage of ashes in coal.

Automatic pump-governor.

Cast-iron safe for steam-radiators.

Methods of graduating radiator service according to the weather.

Preventing fall of spray from steam-exhaust pipes.

Exhaust-condenser for preventing fall of spray from steam-exhaust pipes.

Steam-heating apparatus and plenum (ventilation), system in Kalamazoo Insane Asylum.

Heating and ventilation of a prison.

Amount of heat due to condensation of water.


Resetting of house-heating boilers -a possible saving of fuel.

How to find the water-line of boilers and position of try-cocks.

Low-pressure hot-water system for heating buildings in England (comments by The Sanitary Engineer).

Steam-heating apparatus in Manhattan Company's and Merchants' Bank Building, New York.

Boilers in Manhattan Company's and Merchants' Bank Building, with extracts from specifications.

Steam-heating apparatus in-Mutual Life Insurance Building on Broadway.

The setting of boilers in Tribune Building, New York.

Warming and ventilation of West Presbyterian Church, New York City.

Principles of heating-apparatus, Fine Arts Exhibition Building, Copenhagen.

Warming and ventilation of Opera-House at Ogdensburg, N. Y.

Systems of heating houses in Germany and Austria.

Steam-pipes under New York streets - difference between two systems adopted.

Some details of steam and ventilating apparatus used on the continent of Europe.

Miscellaneous Questions

Applying traps to gravity steam-apparatus. Expansion of brass and iron pipe. Connecting steam and return risers at their tops. Power used in running hydraulic elevators. On melting snow in the streets by steam. Action of ashes street fillings on iron pipes. Arrangement of steam-coils for heating oil-stills. Converting a steam-apparatus into a hot-water apparatus and back again. Condensation per foot of steam-main when laid under ground. Oil in boilers from exhaust steam, and methods of prevention.

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