(Prior to 1887, The Sanitary Engineer.)

With 142 Illustrations.

"A feature of The Engineering Record (prior to 1887, The Sanitary Engineer), is its replies to questions on topics that come within its scope, included in which are Water-Supply, Sewage Disposal, Ventilation, Heating, Lighting, House-Drainage and Plumbing. Repeated inquiries concerning matters often explained in its columns, suggested the desirability of putting in a convenient form for reference a selection from its pages of questions and comments on various problems met with in house-drainage and plumbing, improper work being illustrated and explained as well as correct methods It is, therefore, hoped that this book will be useful to those interested in this branch of Sanitary Engineering."

Table Of Contents

Dangerous Blunders In Plumbing

Running Vent-Pipe in Improper Places - Connecting Soil-Pipes with Chimney-Flues - By-Passes in Trap-Ventilation, etc. Illustrated.

A Case of Reckless Botching. Illustrated.

A Stupid Multiplication of Traps. Illustrated.

Plumbing Blunders in a Gentleman's Country House. Illustrated.

A Trap Made Useless by Improper Adjustment of Inlet and Outlet Pipes. Illustrated.

Unreliability of Heated Flue as a Substitute for Proper Trapping. Illustrated.

Need of Plans in Doing Plumbing-Work.


City and Country House-Drainage - Removal of Ground-Water from Houses - Trap-Ventilation - Fresh-Air Inlets - Drain-Ventilation by Heated Flues - Laying of Stoneware Drains.

Requirements for the Drainage of Every House.

Drainage of a Saratoga House. Illustrated.

Ground-Water Drainage of a Country-House. Illustrated.

Ground-Water Drainage of arCity House. Illustrated.

Fresh-Air Inlets.

The Location of Fresh-Air Inlets in Cities. Illustrated.

Fresh-Air Inlets. Illustrated.

Air-Inlets on Drains.

The Proper Way to Lay Stoneware Drains.

Risks Attending the Omission of Traps and Relying on Drain-Ventilation by Flues. Illustrated.

The Tightness of Tile-Diains.

Danger of Soil-Pipe Terminals Freezing unless Ends are without Hoods or Cowls.

Objection to Connecting Bath-Waste with Water-Closet Trap.

How to Adjust the Inlets and Outlets of Traps. Illustrated.

How to Protect Trap when Soil-Pipe is used as a Leader.

Size of Ventilating-Pipes for Traps.

How to Prevent Condensation Filling Vent -Pipes.

Ventilating Soil-Pipes.

How to Prevent Accidental Discharge into Trap Vent-Pipe.

Why Traps should be Vented.


Syphoning Water through a Bath-Supply. Illustrated.

Emptying a Trap by Capillary Attraction. Illustrated.

As to Safety of Stop-Cocks on Hot Water Pipes.

How to Burnish Wiped Joints.

Admission to the New York Trade Schools.

Irregular Water Supply. Illustrated.

Hot Water from the Cold Faucet, and how to Prevent it. Illustrated.

Disposal of Bath and Basin Waste Water.

To Prevent Corrosion of Tank Lining.

Number of Water Closets Required in a Factory.

Size of Basin Wastes and Outlets.

Tar Coated Water Pipe Affect Taste of Water.

How to Deal with Pollution of Cellar Floors.

How to Heat a Bathing Pool.

Objections to Galvanized Sheet Iron Soil Pipe.

To Prevent Rust in a Suction Pipe.

Automatic Shut Off for Gas Pumping Engines when Tank is Full. Illustrated.

Paint to Protect Tank Linings.

Vacuum Valves not always Reliable.

Size of Water Pipes in a House.

How to Make Rust Joints.

Covering for Water Pipes.

Size of Soil Pipe for an ordinary City House.

How to Construct a Sunken Reservoir to Hold Two Thousand Gallons.

Where to Place Burners to Ventilate Flues by Gas Jets. Illustrated.

How to Prevent Water Hammer.

Why a Hydraulic Ram does not Work.

Air in Water Pipes.

Proper Size of Water Closet Outlets.

Is a Cement Floor Impervious to Air ?

Two Traps to a Water Closet Objectionable.

Connecting Bath Wastes to Water Closet Traps. Illustrated.

Objections to Leaching Cesspool and need of Fresh Air Inlet.

The Theory of the Action of Field's Syphon.

How to Disinfect a Cesspool.

Drainage into Cesspools.

Slabs for Pantry Sinks - Wood vs. Marb'ie-

Test for Well Pollution.

Cesspool for Privy Vault.

Plumbing Problems

Corrosion of Lead Lining.

Size of Flush 1 ank to deal with Sewage of a 'small Hospital.

Details of the Construction of a House-Tank. Illustrated.

The Construction of a Cistern under a House.

To Protect Lead Lining of a Tank, and Cause of Sweating.

Stains on Marble.

Lightning Strikes Soil Pipes.

Will the Contents of a Cesspool Freeze ?

Bad Tasting Water from a Coil. Illustrated.

How to Fit Sheet Lead in a Large Tank.

Why Water is " Milky " When First Drawn.

Material for Water Service Pipes.

Carving Tables. Illustrated.

Is Galvanized Pipe Dangerous for Soft Spring Water.

How to Arrange Hush Pipes in Cisterns to Prevent Syphoning Water Through Ball Cock.

Depth of Foundations to Prevent Dampness of Site.

Where to Place a Tank to get Good Discharge at Faucet.

Self Acting Water Closets. Illustrated.

Wind Disturbing Seal of Trap.

How to Draw Water from a Deep Well.

Cause of Smell of Well Water.

Absorption of Light by Gas Globes.

Defective Drainage. Illustrated.

fitting Basins to Marble Slabs. Illustrated.

Intermediate Tanks for the Water Supply of High Buildings. Illustrated.

How to Construct a Filtering Cistern. Illustrated.

Objections to Running Ventilating Pipe Into Chimney-Flue.

Size of Water Supply Pipe for Dwelling House.

Faulty Plan of a Cesspool. Illustrated.

Connecting Refrigerator Wastes with Drains. Illustrated.

Disposing of Refrigerator Wastes. Illustrated.

Pumping Air From Water Closet into Tea Kettle as Result of Direct Supply to Water Closets. Illustrated.

Danger in Connecting Tank Overflows with Soil Pipes.

Arrangement of Safe Wastes. Illustrated.

The kind of Men Who do not Like the Sanitary Engineer

What is Reasonable Plumbers' Profit.

Hot Water Circulation In Buildings

Bath Boilers. Illustrated.

Setting Horizontal Boilers. Illustrated.

How to Secure Circulation Between Boilers in Different Houses. Illustrated.

Connecting One Boiler with Two Ranges. Illustrated.

Taking Return Below Boiler. Illustrated.

Trouble with Boiler.

An Ignorant Way of Dealing with a Kitchen Boiler. Illustrated.

Returning into Hot Water Supply Pipe. Illustrated.

Where should Sediment Pipe from Boiler be connected with Waste-Pipe ?

Several Flow Pipes and one Circulation Pipe. Illustrated.

How to Run Pipes from Water Back to Boiler. Illustrated.

Hot Water Circulation when Pipes from Boiler pass under the Floor. Illustrated.

Heating a Room from Water Back.

The Operation of Vacuum and Safety Valves. Illustrated.

Preventing Collapse of Boilers.

Collapse of a Boiler. Illustrated.

Explosion of Water Backs.

A Proposed Precaution against Water Back Explosions. Illustrated.

The Bursting of Kitchen Boilers and Connecting Pipes. Illustrated.

Giving out of Lead Vent Pipes from Boilers in an Apartment House. Illustrated.

Connecting a Kitchen Boiler with One or More Water Racks. Illustrated.

New Method of Heating Two Boilers by One Water Back. Illustrated.

Plan of Horizontal Hot Water Boiler. Illustrated.

Hot Water Supply In Various Buildings

Kitchen and Hot Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. W. K. Vanderbilt, New York. Illustrated.

Kitchen and Hot Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt, New York. Illustrated.

Kitchen and Hot Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. Henry G. Marquand, New York. Illustrated.

Kitchen and Hot Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. A. J. White. Illustrated.

Hot Water Supply in an Office Building. Illustrated.

Kitchen and Hot Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. Sidney Webster. Illustrated.

Plumbing and Water Supply in the Residence of Mr. H. H. Cook. Illustrated.

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