AIR-BRAKE CATECHISM. By Robert H. Blackall.

This book is a standard text book. It covers the Westinghouse Air-Brake Equipment, including the No. 5 and the No. 6 E. T. Locomotive Brake Equipment; the K (Quick, Service) Triple Valve for Freight Service; and the Cross-Compound Pump. The operation of all parts of the apparatus is explained in detail, and a practical way of finding their peculiarities and defects, with a proper remedy, is given. It contains 2,000 questions with their answers, which will enable any railroad man to pass any examination on the subject of Air Brakes. Endorsed and used by air-brake instructors and examiners on nearly every railroad in the United States. 26th Edition. 411 pages, fully illustrated with colored plates and diagrams........$2.00


The only book on compounds for the engineman or shopman that shows in a plain practical way the various features of compound locomotives in use. Shows how they are made, what to do when they break down or balk. Contains sections as follows:- A Bit of History. Theory of Compounding Steam Cylinders. Baldwin Two-Cylinder Compound. Pittsburg Two-Cylinder Compound. Rhode Island Compound. Richmond Compound. Rogers Compound. Schenectady Two-Cylinder Compound, Vauclain Compound. Tandem Compounds. Baldwin Tandem. The Colvin-Wight-man Tandem. Schenectady Tandem. Balanced Locomotives. Baldwin Balanced Compound. Plans for Balancing. Locating Blows. Breakdowns. Reducing Valves. Drifting. Valve Motion. Disconnecting. Power of Compound Locomotives. Practical Notes.

Fully illustrated and containing ten special "Duotone" inserts on heavy Plate Paper, showing different types of Compounds. 142 pages. Price......$1.00


This book has been prepared with special reference to the generation of heat by the combustion of the common fuels found in the United States and deals particularly with the conditions necessary to the economic and smokeless combustion of bituminous coal in Stationary and Locomotive Steam Boilers.

Presentation of this important subject is systematic and progressive. The arrangement of the book is in a series of practical questions to which are appended accurate answers. which describe in language free from technicalities the several processes involved in the furnace combustion of American fuels; it clearly states the essential requisites for perfect combustion, and points out the best methods of furnace construction for obtaining the greatest quantity of heat from any given quality of coal. Nearly 350 pages, fully illustrated. Price..........$1.00


This is the greatest book of railroad experiences ever published. Containing a fund of information and suggestions along the line of handling men, organizing, etc., that one cannot afford to miss. 176 pages. Price............$1.00

LINK MOTIONS, VALVES AND VALVE SETTING. By Fred H. Colvin, Associate Editor of American Machinist.

A handy book for the engineer or machinist that clears up the mysteries of valve setting. Shows the different valve gears in use. how they work, and why. Piston and slide valves of different types are illustrated and explained. A book that every railroad man in the motive power department ought to have. Contains chapters on Locomotive Link Motion, Valve Movements, Setting Slide Valves, Analysis by Diagrams, Modern Practice, Slip of Block, Slice Valves, Piston Valves, Setting Piston Valves, Joy-Allen Valve Gear, Walschaert Valve Gear, Gooch Valve Gear, Alfree-Hubbell Valve Gear, etc., etc. Fully illustrated. Price.......50 cents


The construction of boilers in general is treated, and, following this, the locomotive boiler is taken up in the order in which its various parts go through the shop. Shows all types of boilers used; gives details of construction; practical facts, such as life of riveting, punches and dies; work done per day, allowance for bending and flanging sheets, and other data. Including the recent Locomotive Boiler Inspection Laws and Examination Questions with their answers for Government Inspectors. Contains chapters on Laying Out Work; Flanging and Forging; Punching; Shearing; Plato Planing; General Tables; Finishing Parts; Bending; Machinery Parts; Riveting; Boiler Details; Smoke Box Details; Assembling and Calking; Boiler Shop Machinery, etc., etc.

There isn't a man who has anything to do with boiler work, either new or repair work, who doesn't need this book. The manufacturer, superintendent, foreman, and boiler worker - all need it. No matter what the type of boiler, you'll find a mint of information that you wouldn't be without. Over 400 pages, five large folding plates. Price ........................$3.00

LOCOMOTIVE BREAKDOWNS AND THEIR REMEDIES. By Geo. L. Fowler. Revised by Wm, W. Wood, Air-Brake Instructor. Just issued. Revised pocket edition.

It is out of the question to try and tell you about every subject that is covered in this pocket edition of Locomotive Breakdowns. Just imagine all the common troubles that an engineer may expect to happen some time, and then add all of the unexpected ones, troubles that could occur, but that you have never thought about, and you will find that they are all treated with the very best methods of repair. Walschaert Locomotive Valve Gear Troubles, Electric Headlight Troubles, as well as Questions and Answers on the Air Brake are all included. 294 pages. 7th Revised Edition. Fully illustrated.....................$1.00


The revised edition of "Locomotive Catechism," by Robert Grimshaw, is a New Book from Cover to Cover. It contains twice as many pages and double the number of illustrations of previous editions. Includes the greatest amount of practical information ever published on the construction and management of modern locomotives. Specially Prepared Chapters on the Walschaert Locomotive Valve Gear, the Air-Brake Equipment and the Electric Head Light are given.

It commends itself at once to every Engineer and Fireman, and to all who are going in for examination or promotion. In plain language, with full, complete answers, not only all the questions asked by the examining engineer are given, but those which the young and less experienced would ask the veteran, and which old hands ask as "stickers." It is a veritable Encyclopedia of the Locomotive, is entirely free from mathematics, easily understood and thoroughly up-to-date. Contains over 4,000 Examination Questions with their Answers. 825 pages, 437 illustrations and three folding plates. 28th Revised Edition................$2.50