The Bottom And Front

The piece l/4"x2 1/4"x9" is large enough to make both the bottom and front of your match box. Plane one edge perfectly straight and square (Chapter II., Paragraph 4). Plane one end perfectly square (Chapter II., Paragraph 5); measure and cut the length of the bottom. Gauge the width of the bottom (Chapter II., Paragraph 6). This, you will notice, is exactly the same as the width of the side.

The Front

Plane one edge of the front for a working edge (Chapter II., Paragraph 4). Square one end (Chapter II., Paragraph 5); measure and cut the length of the front. Be sure to cut it perfectly square. Gauge the width of the front piece and plane to the gauge line (Chapter II., Paragraph 6). Lay out, cut and smooth the half-circle in the front piece.


Test the two sides to be sure they are exactly the same width. Try the front piece, and see if it is just as long as the back piece is wide. Make sure that the bottom is perfectly rectangular and exactly the same width as the sides. The match box is to be assembled with plain butt joints (Chapter V., Paragraph 60) fastened with brads. The edges, however, should be spread with a very little glue. Do not use too much or it will spread out and soil the outside surfaces of the joints. You will have to be very careful in driving the brads to prevent splitting out (Chapter II., Paragraph 21).


When the match box is completely assembled, clean it all over. It may be necessary in some places to take off a very thin shaving with a sharp plane. With the sandpaper and wood file make sure that the edges are perfectly even and all the surfaces free from glue, tool marks or soiled places. The match box should have a finish of some sort, which you may choose for yourself. It might be stained a desirable color (Chapter IV., Paragraph 54), and shellaced (Chapter IV., Paragraph 57). If you wish it to be the natural color of the wood, it should be given one or two coats of shellac.

Optional and Home Projects Employing Similar Principles.

Comb Case

1. A very pretty comb case may be made after the same fashion as this match box. It would have to be wider so the box would receive a long comb.

Letter Box

2. In using this plan for a letter box, it would be necessary to make the box deeper and wider to provide room for long letters and papers. The material should be thicker.

Wrench Or Grease Box

3. In the tool shed or garage a box of this kind will be found a great convenience in furnishing a place for the wrenches, oil can or grease box.

Whisk Broom Holder

4. A very satisfactory whisk broom holder could be made by leaving out the piece which forms the bottom, making the front a little wider and setting the sides so they would be somewhat closer together at the bottom than at the top.