Those who eventually receive the most gains from channelling are the people who strive to make all factors ideal, realizing that they have first to become familiar with every aspect of Vivaxis and arealoha forces and then gain experience. Their attitudes and thinking have to be correctly orientated with an earnest desire and determination to learn and understand the energies within their own force fields. This is not knowledge that can be digested by one person and then handed to another, all condensed for him to use. Too little knowledge can always be dangerous. We have found by experience that those we spoon feed, or stand over and constantly give directions, are the ones who continue to remain helpless. On the other side of the ledger there are a great many people who have been most successful, by learning entirely from the information contained in the books. Their mental attitudes were ready for this knowledge and they were prepared to take the time to learn and evaluate. Vivaxis instructors are available both in Canada and the United States but only to teach, not to treat. Like most things the effort you are prepared to make, gauges the rewards that you are likely to reap.

Perfect channelling conditions are not always possible, but those that place a proper value on their force field, will naturally strive to make conditions ideal for channelling whenever possible.

Ideal Conditions For Channelling

Location -A quiet secluded place outdoors that is free from transformers, planes or other fields of interference. Ground is required to be absolutely level and free from vegetation that will ground against the clothing.

Clothing -Loose and as little as possible. No shoes. See Volume 1, pages 41-42. Check list for channelling.

Neutral ground -Aura testing will help advise if the ground is neutral. Refer to pages 14-25.

Time of day -In the morning the force field will often be stronger and more effective. An hour or two before a major period. With experience a person will learn to gauge when the forces are most favourable for himself; remembering that both the force flow at the site of his Vivaxis as well as the force flow in his immediate environment will have influences.

Method of clearing one's circuit, strengthening one's force field and correcting receptors - Prior to channelling use arealoha energies. Refer to pages 123, 130, 137.

Ideal method of determining your channel -Head level, eyes shut and use the hands only to determine one's channel; with experience a marker should not be required. A person's hands should advise when he is free from static and the energies are flowing in correct resonance in his channel. The energy flow in his hands can advise when he is facing forward, sideways or backwards in his channel. During the whole channelling process his head should remain level, eyes shut, his mind relaxed and hands grounded by his sides after they have been used to determine each new position. It is a distinct advantage for the individual to use his hands in this manner since he is not required to open his eyes or bend his head to observe a guide line. The compatible ambient forces in his environment synchronized with his Vivaxis energies, should pulsate rhythmically through him. See diagram "Body aligned."

Weak Aura

DIAGRAM 13. Weak Aura.

face aligned towards his vivaxis20 minute period after channelling

DIAGRAM 15. 20 minute period after channelling - the aura and body fluids are saturated with VIVAXIS energies.

Normal Size Aura When Not Aligned

DIAGRAM 16. Normal Size Aura When Not Aligned.

- - - - - VIVAXIS energy insulating belts.

After completion of channelling he should exercise for one minute. Then test with his hands to determine that his body fluids are aligned to his Vivaxis; when evaluating always test out of the four channelling directions. If the body fluids are aligned his hands will not circulate when held limply down at his sides, in the manner used to determine the up and down flow of the local forces. After ten minutes he should neutralize by the accordion method, refer to page 19, and then test to see if he is neutral. If he is neutral, his hands should respond to the local forces which will again stimulate them into a circulating motion.

Concluding Comments

In the past few years approximately nine hundred members have joined the Northwest Magnetics Research Society in order to learn all the aspects of Vivaxis. It is hoped that many of these members have advanced sufficiently to now use the technique just outlined.