Containing, besides

A Complete Index of this Work, and necessary Cross-References, new matter referring to

All Prominent Ckiromants and Defenders of Chiromancy in the Past;

All Works on Palmistry that have been published since the invention of printing [such as came under the author's notice];

All Definitions of Scientific Words connected with the Science;

All Reading's of Importance concerning Mental and Moral Characteristics, Health and Life Events; in other words: Every Palmistic Discovery and Statement concerning a Human existence from Birth to Dying Day.

The readings inserted in this Dictionary are not all taken verbatim from the context of this work. They have been much simplified and, in a lew instances, added to for the purpose of clucidation. The reader would not bo fully beneficed by referring to them, unless he had made himself fully conversant with the contents of Parts I to VI inclusive.

The Indexing refers only to the VariouS Headings and Sub-headings of the Twenty-til fee Chapters composing the body of this work. There are. however, over 4,500 indications contained in this Dictionary, and they will doubtless be found sufficient for all practical purposes To extend this Part Seventh any further could only have been done at the expense of the clearness and uniformity of purpose which have never ceased to bold foremost place in the author's mind.

Abscess In The Head

Case: 190.

Abscess, Intestinal

Case: 113.

Absence Of One Of The Five Main Lines

Always means a fatality, especially if repeated in both hands. In the general meaning of the missing Line one must look for the interpretation of the coming illness or unfortunate event.

Accident Destroying Agility

A lentil-like black spot low down on the percussion of the Mount of Mercury.

Accidents From Quadrupeds Or Vehicles

A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venits or Line of Life to the Mount of Saturn.

Accidents, Liability To

A cross on the Mount of Saturn; crosses or (worse) stars in the Plain of Mars.

Accident. Very Serious

A cross on the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn or the Sun.

Activity at Its Best - Hand proper shorter than fingers, with square tips. Elastic Hand. Fine Mounts of Mercury and Mars. Strong first Phalanx of the Thumb. Long Line of the Head,

Activity, Exaggerate, Without Much Results

Hand proper longer than fingers, with spatutate tips. Much rayed hand. Exaggerate Mounts of Mars. Line of Head crossing the Hand like a bar. Exaggerate first Phalanx of the Thumb.

Actors, Painstaking

Hand proper shorter than fingers, with moderately conical tips. Fine Mount of the Sun. Good Fourth Finger and Mount of Mercury, A long Line of Head clearly forked at the termination.

Adept, An; an Englishman; author of "Hand Reading" (London: 1894).


See Guilty Intrigue.

Adventurous Career

Case: 287, Agrippa. Cornelius; a German (1486-1535); wrote "La Philosophic Oc-culte." The Hague: 1727, German edition of his works (1856).

Ambition. Lack of - Soft Hands. Short fingers. Abnormally short First Phalanx of the Thumb, and first finger below normal. Insignificant Mounts, in general, except those which indicate the subject's type. Poor, feeble lines, especially Lines of Head, Fate and the Sun. Total lack of Mounts of Mars. and a low Plain of Mars, especially the Triangle.

Ambition, Successful

Well propor-tioned Hand and and Thumb. Line of Life starting into the Mount of Jupiter or throning branches into it. Same start of the Line of Head, A fine line running from tip to base along the first finger. Well shaped and long Lilies of Fate and the Sun; good Line of Liver. Mounts of the Sun, Mercury and Mars excellent. Sometimes the Line of Fate ends on the Mount of Jupiter.

Amorous Nature, Very

Hand thick and medium hard. Pronounced Mount of Venus much rayed. Girdle of Venus quite distinct. Often high Mount of the Moon, with drooping Line of Head. Line of Heart beginning branchless under the Mount of Saturn.

Albertus Magnus; a German; probable author of "Geheime Cheiromant-Bel-ustigungen (1205-1280), Kunst aus der Hand Wahmisagen" (republished in Leipsic: 1807).


16. The name was given to the searchers after the "Philosopher's Stone," that mysterious substance that was to transform ("transmute" is the technical word) all low metals into gold. All through the Middle Ages and up to the XVIII. century great scientists devoted their lives to these researches, which, incidentally, brought to light marvelous chemical discoveries.

Ambition. Pioumtlcss

Exaggerate Mount of Jupiter. First finger abnormally long in proportion to other fingers. An upward line or branch from either the Line of Life or the Line of Head. A Line of Head separate from the Line of Life and crossing the whole hand like a bar. Often absence of the Line of Heart. Exaggerate Mount of the Sun. A Line from the Upper Mount of Mars to the Mount of the Sun.

Ambition. Extreme: Wretched Childhood. - Case: 352.

Anonymous Anaemia

A state of the blood in which there is a poverty of red corpuscles; hence, general debility of the system; a very pale palm; short and pale nails. The lower part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined.

Analytical View Of Things - Aptitude For Details

Large hands. Long, knotty fingers. Strong Thumb Knot and second Phalanx of the Thumb. Second Phalanges of all fingers rather above normal size.

Andrieu, Jules; a Frenchman; author of "Chiromancie; Etude stir la Main, le Crane, la Face" (Paris: 1882).

Aneurism Caused By Gout

Case: 112.

Aneurism (Dilatation Of An Artery)

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of the Sun. Line of Heart broken under the Mount of Saturn.

Anger, Short-Lived

Well shaped nails, pink on the outer edge. Mounts of Mars above normal, but fine Mount of Venus and healthy Line of Heart,