I. General Rights Above and Below the Surface.

Sec. 251. Rights above the surface

252. Rights below the surface.

II. Earth and Minerals.

Sec. 253. Individual rights of ownership.

254. Grants of mining rights-Leases and licenses.

255. Sovereign rights.

256. Mineral oil and gas.

III. Vegetable Products of the Earth.

Sec. 257. Fructus industriales and fructus naturales.

258. Succession on death of owner.

259. Sale or conveyance of land.

260. Liability for debts.

261. Severance from the land-Actual or constructive.

262. Contract of sale.

263. The doctrine of emblements.

264. Border trees.

265. Agreements for division of crops.

IV. Fixtures and Improvements.

Sec. 266. General considerations.

267. Intention of the annexor.

268. Physical attachment.

269. Character of article.

270. Relationship of parties.

271. Agreement as to character of thing annexed.

272. Removable fixtures.

(a) Trade fixtures.

(b) Domestic and ornamental fixtures.

(c) Agricultural fixtures.

(d) As realty or personalty.

(e) Restrictions on right of removal.

(f) Loss of right of removal. Sec. 273. Severance-Actual and constructive.


274. Compensation for improvements.

275. Divided ownership of building.

V. Manure.

Sec. 276. Effect of conveyance of land.

277. Rights as between landlord and tenant.

278. Manure as real or personal property.

VI. Rights of User.-Waste. Sec. 279. General considerations.

280. Character of the tenancy.

281. Alteration in character of land.

282. Removal of earth and minerals.

283. Destruction of trees and timber.

284. Waste as regards buildings.

285. Express restrictions on liability.

286. Permissive waste.

287. Injuries by third persons.

288. Accidental injuries.

289. Equitable waste.

290. Remedies for waste.

(a) Action for damages.

(b) Injunction against waste.

(c) Persons entitled to sue.

(d) Forfeiture.

Sec. 291. Right to the proceeds of waste

292. Waste by cotenant.

VII. Boundaries.

Sec. 293. Judicial determination.

294. Express agreement as to boundary.

295. Implied agreement as to boundary.

296. Practical location.

297. Estoppel to question boundary.

VIII. Fences.

Sec. 298. The duty to fence

299. Railroad fences.

IX. Land Under Water.

Sec. 300. Tide waters.

301. Navigable nontidal streams.

302. Nonnavigable streams.

303. Lakes and ponds.

304. Riparian rights of access.

305. Rights of reclamation and wharfing out 306. Rights as to ice.

Real Property.

[Sec. 251

307. Lateral lines between proprietors. X. Animals and Fish.

Sec. 308. Animals

309. Fish.

I. General Rights Above and Below the Surface.