Albrecht Thaer, a German agricultural writer, born in Celle, May 14, 1752, died at Moge-lin, near Potsdam, Oct. 26, 1828. He studied at Gottingen, and in 1780 was appointed court physician at Hanover. In 1790 he established an agricultural school at Celle, in 1804 entered the Prussian civil service, and in 1807 erected on his estate of Mogelin an institution since known as the royal school of agriculture. In 1810 he was appointed professor of agriculture and political economy in the university of Berlin, with a seat in the ministry of the interior. In 1815 he became superintendent of the royal establishments for breeding sheep. His great work, Grundsatze der rationellen Landwirthschaft (4 vols., Berlin, 1809; 6th ed., 1868), has been translated into English by W. Shaw and C. W. Johnson ("The Principles of Agriculture," 2 vols., London, 1844; 1 vol., New York, 1849), and into other languages. Among his other works are: Ein-leitung zur Kenntniss der englischen Land-wirthschaft (3 vols., Hanover, 1798-1804; 3d ed., 1816); Ueber die feinwollige Schafzucht (Berlin, 1811); and Leitfaden zur allgemei-nen landwirthschaftlichen Gewerbslehre (1816). A monument was erected to him at Leipsic, Sept. 28, 1850, and one designed by Rauch at Berlin, Nov. 15, 1860. - See Albrecht Thaer, by Wilhelm Korte (Leipsic, 1839).