Asa Mahan, an American clergyman, born in Vernon, N. Y., in 1799. He graduated at Hamilton college in 1824, and at Andover theological seminary in 1827, and was prdained pastor of the Presbyterian church in Pitts-ford, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1829. He was pastor of the Sixth street Presbyterian (now the first Congregational) church, Cincinnati, from its organization in 1831 till 1835, when he became president of Oberlin college, and professor of intellectual and moral philosophy and assistant professor of theology. In 1850 he was chosen president of the Cleveland university, in 1866 became pastor of the Congregational church in Jackson, Mich., and in 1858 of the Congregational church in Adrian, Mich., and in 1861 president of Adrian college, which post he resigned in 1871, continuing to reside in Adrian. He has been a distinguished advocate of the religious views known as Perfectionist, and has published a work entitled "Christian Perfection." His other works are: "Tin- Science of Intellectual Philosophy " (New York. 1845); "The Doctrine of the Will" (1846); "The True Believer" (1847); "Modem Mysteries Explained and Refuted," relating to spiritualist manifestations (Boston, 1855); "The Science of Moral Philosophy" (Oberlin, 1856); and " The Science of Logic" (New York, 1857). He has of late been engaged upon a work entitled "A Critical History of Philosophy;'