Bremerhafen, Or Bremerhaven, a town of Germany, belonging to Bremen, of which it is the port, situated on the estuary of the Weser, at the mouth of the river Geeste, 30 m. N. N. W. of Bremen, with which it is connected by railway and the Weser; pop. in 1871, 10,594. The channel of the Weser having become so filled up as to be impassable for large vessels, tho spot on which Bremerhafen stands was acquired from the kingdom of Hanover in 1827, and the town was established in 1830. The port, which is accessible for the largest vessels, consists of an outer harbor, a sluiced dock, and an inner harbor. Bremerhafen has become the chief point from which German emigrants sail for America. (See Bremen.) For their accommodation the Auswandererhaus was erected in 1849 by the authorities of Bremen, capable of sheltering 2,500 persons at a time, and of feeding 6,000 a day. The town is defended by Fort Wilhelm on the opposite bank of the river. Lines of steamers connect it with London, Hull, and New York.