Propaganda, Or Congregatio De Propaganda Fide (Congregation For Propagating The Faith), a board of 25 cardinals founded at Rome in 1622 by Gregory XV. for the support and direction of foreign missions. It has a secretary, who is generally a bishop or archbishop, and priests, advisers, and under secretaries, who hold a consultation weekly. The cardinal prefect of the propaganda is the pope's representative in all matters concerning the affairs of foreign missions, including the final appointment of all bishops in missionary countries. Pope Urban VIII. in 1627 added to the congregation a college for the education of missionary priests, where young men from every country in the world, with the exception of strictly Catholic countries, were educated, and ordained for the missionary work among their fellow countrymen. A celebrated polyglot printing establishment was attached to the propaganda, and besides a full corps of professors, it possessed a museum of antiquities and curiosities, a handsome church, and a large library.

This college was suppressed in 1873, and its property was sold by auction.