I. A S. W. County Of Quebec

Canada; Area A S. W. County Of Quebec, 263 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 18,310, of whom 18,075 were of French origin or descent. It lies between the Yamas-ka river on the east and the Richelieu on the west, and is traversed by the Grand Trunk railway.

II. A City

A City, capital of the county, on the W. bank of the Yamaska river, and on the Grand Trunk railway, 35 m. E. by N. of Montreal; pop. in 1871, 3,746. Steamers run daily in the season of navigation to St. Césaire, a village 20 m. above. The principal public buildings are the court house, city hall and market, Roman Catholic cathedral, bishop's palace, hospital and convent of gray nuns, and St. Hyacinthe college. The college is a fine building of cut stone, 700 ft. long. There are manufactories of woollens, wooden ware, leather, lace, organs, iron castings, mill machinery, and boots and shoes, a grist and saw mill, a bank, a branch bank, several hotels, a telegraph office, a tri-weekly and two weekly newspapers, and a monthly periodical. One of the weeklies is published in English; the other publications are in French.