Samuel Eliot, an American author, born in Boston, Dec. 22, 1821. He graduated at Harvard college in 1839, and passed two years in a counting room and four years in foreign travel and study. While in Rome in 1845 he conceived the plan of writing a history of liberty, the first portion of which he published in Boston in 1847, under the title " Passages from the History of Liberty." In this work he reviewed the career of Arnold of Brescia, Giovanni di Vicenza, Savonarola, and other early Italian reformers. In 1849 appeared "The Liberty of Rome " (2 vols. 8vo, New York). A revised edition was published in 1853, under the general title, "The History of Liberty," with two additional volumes: parti., "The Ancient Romans;" part II., "The Early Christians." These constitute a portion of an extensive history, the remaining three parts of which the author intends to devote to the papal ages, the monarchical ages, and the American nation. In 1856 he was appointed professor of history and political science in Trinity college, Hartford, and the same year published a "Manual of United States History, 1492-1850 " (12mo, Boston). He was president of Trinity college from 1860 to 1866, and is now (1874) professor of political science and constitutional law in that institution.