I. Sir Aubrey De

Sir Aubrey De, an Irish poet, born Aug. 20, 1788, died July 5, 1846. He succeeded to the baronetcy and family estates, in Limerick and Tipperary counties, in 1818. He published two dramatic poems, "Julian the Apostate" (1822) and "The Duke of Mercia" (1823), and "A Song of Faith, and other Poems" (1842).

II. Aubrey Thomas De

Aubrey Thomas De, an Irish author, third son of the preceding, born at Curra Chase, county Limerick, Jan. 10, 1814. He was educated at Trinity college, Dublin. He has published " The Waldenses, and other Poems " (1842); " The Search after Proserpine, and other Poems" (1843); "English Misrule and Irish Misdeeds" (1848); "Picturesque Sketches of Greece and Turkey " (2 vols., 1850); "Poems, Miscellaneous and Sacred" (1856); " May Carols " (1857); " The Sisters, and other Poems" (1861); "The Infant Bridal, and other Poems" (1864); "The Church Settlement of Ireland" (1866); "Irish Odes, and other Poems" (1869); "The Legends of St. Patrick" (1872); and "Alexander the Great, a Dramatic Poem" (1874).