Caldiero, a village of 1ST. Italy, in the. province and 8 m. E. of Verona; pop. about 2,000. Here, and on the neighboring height of Colonna, Napoleon was checked (Nov. 12, 1796) by an Austrian army under Marshal Alvinczy, previous to his memorable victories at Arcole (Nov. 15-17). Massena opened at Caldiero the campaign against Austria in 1805, and fought several hot engagements (Oct. 29-31), after which he was compelled to abandon the field; but the archduke Charles, the Austrian commander, being himself constrained to retreat on receiving tidings of the capitulation of Ulm, Massena was left at liberty to push on with his army. - Caldiero was anciently called Calidarium from its thermal springs, which are strongly sulphurous. The baths were built or restored in the first yenr of the Christian era, and continued to be used till about 1240, when they were destroyed by Ezzelino, the leader of the Veronese Ghibellines. At the close of the 15th century an attempt was made by the republic of Venice to revive them, but at the present time they are seldom visited.