Calvin Kingsley, an American clergyman, born at Annsville, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1812. died in Beyrout, Syria, April 6,1870. He was licensed to preach in 1837. In 1841 he graduated at Alleghany college, Meadville, Pa., united with the Erie conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, and was elected professor of mathematics in his college. The withdrawal of public funds from colleges by Pennsylvania in 1843 induced the trustees of the college to employ him to secure its endowment. After a year spent in this labor, and two years in the pastorate at Erie, Pa., he was in 1846 recalled to the college, where he remained until his election as editor of the "Western Christian Advocate" in 1856. He continued in this office till 1864, when he was elected bishop. In 1867 he visited the mission conferences of Germany and Scandinavia, which had been placed under his superintendence. In May, 1869, he started on an episcopal tour around the world. He visited the conferences on the Pacific slope, the China conference at Foochow, and the India conference at Bareily, and had passed by way of Egypt through Palestine into Syria, when he died.

Besides numerous controversial treatises on slavery and other topics, he published " Resurrection of the Human Body," "The Hermits" (12mo, Philadelphia, 1868), "Round the World, a Series of Letters" (2 vols. 16mo, Cincinnati, 1870), and two volumes of sermons.