I. In Accuracy And Freshness Of Information

The value of a work of this kind is exactly proportioned to its correctness. It must preclude the necessity of having other books. Its decision must be final. It must be an ultimatum of reference, or it is good for nothing. In this respect, the publishers invite the most searching examination of the Cyclopaedia. It will be found in all its departments to embody the results of the most recent research at home and abroad. The latest authorities on every topic have been consulted, and the information is brought down to the very day of printing.

II. In Impartiality

The CyclopAedia has undergone the examination of Argus eyes. It is pronounced, by distinguished men and leading reviews in all parts of the Union, strictly fair and national. Eschewing all expressions of opinion on controverted points of science, philosophy, religion, and politics, it aims at an accurate representation of facts and institutions, of the results of physical research, of the prominent events in the history of the world, of the most significant productions of literature and art, and of the celebrated individuals whose names have become associated with the conspicuous phenomena of their age - doing justice to all men, all creeds, all sections.

III. In American Character

The American CyclopAedia is intended to meet the intellectual wants of the American people. It is not, therefore, modeled after European works of a similar design; but, while it embraces all their excellences, has added to them a peculiar and unmistakable American character. It is the production mainly of American mind. It views every subject from an American standpoint, and, in all that relates to biography, history, geography, and the institutions of our country, furnishes a fund of information which can be obtained nowhere else.

IV. In Interest Of Style

Many of the writers are men who hold the foremost rank in general literature, and their articles have been characterized by our best critics as models of elegance, force, and beauty. The Press unite in echoing the sentiment of a leading editor of New York, who says: "We have found the continuous reading of it as entertaining as if, instead of being a book of matter-of-fact, it had been a romance from the pen of a master".

V. In Convenience Of Form

No ponderous quartos, crowded with fine type that strains the eyes and wearies the brain, are here presented. The volumes are just the right size to handle conveniently; the paper is thick and white, the type is large, the binding elegant and durable.

VI. In Cheapness

Applstons' American CyclopAedia has been universally pronounced a miracle of cheapness. The publishers determined at the outset to enlarge its sphere of usefulness, and make it emphatically a book for the people, by putting it at the lowest possible price. A reference to the Terms will show that it is within the reach of everybody.