Humphrey Prideaux, an English clergyman, born at Padstow, Cornwall, May 3, 1648, died in Norwich, Nov. 1, 1724. He graduated B. A. at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1672. Appointed by the university to edit the inscriptions of the Arundelian marbles, he published them in 1676, under the title Marmora Oxoni-ensia, ex Arundelianis, Seldenianis, aliisque confiata, cum perpetuo Commentario; a correct edition by Michael Maittaire appeared in 1732. In 1679 he became rector of St. Clement's, Oxford, and was appointed Dr. Busby's Hebrew lecturer in Christ Church. In 1681 he was made a prebendary of Norwich, in 1688 archdeacon of Suffolk, in 1696 vicar of Trowse, near Norwich, and in 1702 dean of Norwich. He was the author of "The Validity of the Orders of the Church of England made out against the Objections of the Papists" (1688); "Case of Clandestine Marriage " (1691); "Life of Mahomet" (1697); "Directions to Church Wardens " (1707); a work on " Tithes " (1710); and " The Connection of the History of the Old and New Testaments " ( 2 vols., 1715-'18; 25th ed., 1858), his chief work.