John Prentiss Kewley Henshaw, an American bishop, born at Middletown, Conn., June 13, 1792, died at Frederick, Md., July 20, 1852. He entered Middlebury college, Vermont, when he was 12 years old, and graduated in 1808. Though educated a Congregationalist, he was led to become an Episcopalian, was baptized when on a visit to his native place, and became a lay reader in Middlebury, and later in Marblehead, Mass. He was ordained deacon in 1813, and priest in 1816. He. served for several years in St. Ann's church, Brooklyn, N. Y., and in 1817 was called to Baltimore, where he was rector of St. Peter's church for 26 years. Being elected bishop of Rhode Island, he was consecrated Aug. 11, 1843, and became also rector of Grace church, Providence. In the summer of 1852 he was requested to perform episcopal duties in Maryland, during the absence of Bishop Whittingham on account of ill health. While actively engaged in this work he was stricken with apoplexy. His publications include "Theology for the People" (1840); "Memoir of Bishop R. C. Moore" (1842); "Inquiry concerning the Second Advent" (1842); and "Lectures on the Terms Priest, Altar, Sacrifice, as used in the Prayer Book" (1843).