Joseph Hubert Reinkens, a German theologian, born at Burtscheid, near Aix-la-Chapelle, March 1, 1821. He studied theology at Bonn, was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic church, and became lecturer on church history at Breslau. He was cathedral preacher in 1852-3, and in 1857 was appointed professor of theology. In 1870 he coöperated with Döllinger in the Old Catholic movement, opposing the dogma of infallibility, and published Papst und Papstthum nach der Zeich-nung des heiligen Bernhard von Clairvaux. He was suspended by the bishop of Breslau, and the students of the university were forbidden to attend his lectures. He also published Ueber päpstliche Unfehlbarkeit (1870), which the bishop endeavored to suppress. On Aug. 11, 1873, he was consecrated bishop at Rotterdam, by the Jansenist bishop of Deven-ter. Soon afterward he took an oath of allegiance to the government, and received from the emperor of Germany a patent of recognition, requiring his acknowledgment in all respects as a Catholic bishop. He issued a pastoral letter to the Old Catholics of Germany, and a second pastoral in reply to the papal encyclical of Nov. 21. He has also published De Clemente Presbytero Alexandrino (Breslau, 1851); Hilarius von Poitiers (Schaffhausen, 1864); Martin von Tours (Breslau, 1866); Aristoteles über Kunst, besonders über Tragö-die (Vienna, 1870); and Die päpstlichen De-crete vom 18 Juli 1870 (Munich, 1871).