Louis Francois Lejeune, baron, a French general and painter, born in Strasburg in 1775, died in Toulouse in 1848. He enlisted in the army in 1792, and was placed in 1799 on the staff of Berthier, minister of war. His valor at Marengo and Austerlitz won for him successive promotions. In 1809, after the battle of Ess-ling, he crossed in a boat, at the risk of his life, to the island of Lobau, where Napoleon was shut up, and brought back orders to Bessieres and Massena which decided the victory of Wagram. After the battle of Borodino he became brigadier general, and subsequently distinguished himself at Lutzen and Bautzen. Under the restoration he was attached to the general staff, and after the overthrow of Charles X. he went to Toulouse as director of the school of fine arts and of industry. His painting of the battle of Marengo was purchased in 1801 by the government, and he subsequently painted the battles of Aboukir, Mount Tabor, Lodi, the Pyramids, Borodino, and others. In the latter part of his life he confined himself to landscape painting.