992. Fever, Simple

Add three ounces of spirit of mindererus {Liquor ammonia aertatis) to five ounces of water, of 'uodicated water, such as cinnamon, aniseed, etc. Dose, for an adult, one ounce every three hours. Use, as a diaphoretic.

993. Aromatic

Mix two drachma of aromatic confection with two drachms of compound tincture of car-damums, and eight ounces of peppermint water. Dose, from one ounce to one and a half. Use, in flatulent cholic and spasms of the bowels.

994. Cathartic

Dissolve one ounce of Epsom salts in four ounces of compound infusion of senna, then add three ounces of peppermint water. Dose, from one and a half to two ounces. Use as a warm stomachic and cathartic.

995. Diuretic

Add half an ounce of sweet spirit of nitre, two drachms of tincture of squills, and two ounces of liquid acetate of ammonia, to six ounces of decoction of broom. Dose, one ounce every two hours. Use, in dropsies.

996. Cough

Dissolve three grains of tartar emetic and fifteen grains of opium in one pint of boiling water, then add four ounces of treacle, twc ounces of vinegar, and one pint more of boiling water. Dose, from two drachms to one ounce. Use, in common catarrh, bronchitis, and irritable cough.

997. Cough, For Children

Mix two drachms of ipecacuanha wine with half an ounce of oxymel of squills, and the same quantity of mucilage, and two ounces of water. Dose, one teaspoon-ful for children under one year, two teaspoonfuls from one to five years, and a table spoonful from five years, every time the cough is troublesome.

998. Anti-Spasmodic

Dissolve fifty-grains of camphor in two drachms of chloroform, and then add two drachms of compound tincture of lavender, six drachms of mucilage of gum arabic, eight ounces of aniseed, cinnamon, or some other aromatic water, and two ounces of water; mix well. Dose, one tablespoonful every half hour if necessary. Use, in cholera in the cold stage, when cramps are severe, or exhaustion very great; as a general antispasmodic in doses of one dessert spoonful when the spasms are severe.

999. Tonic And Stimulant

Dissolve one drachm of extract of bark, and half a drachm of powdered gum arabic in six ounces of water, and then add no ounce of syrup of marsh-mallow, nd the same quantity of syrup of tolu.

Dose, one tablespoonful every three ours. Use, after fevers and catarrhs.

1000. Stomachic

Take twenty rains of powdered rhubarb, and dissolve it in three ounces and a half of peppermint water, then add sal volatile and compound tincture of gentian, each one drachm and a half. Mix. Dose, from one to one ounce and a half. Use, as a tomic, stimulant, and stomachic.