[O.E.] A hoofed, herbivorous animal, which is one of the most useful of all animals to man. It is somewhat smaller than the horse, has long, smooth horns, large, gentle eyes, and a tufted tail. Its hoofs are cloven. Like the horse, it is a grass-eater ; and, | 1 ik e the sheep , it | chews the "cud. (See ( Digestion.) W e seldom take a meal but some of i the food we eat or drink is supplied by this useful animal. I t gives a large quantity of milk, which is used either as it comes from the cow, in cooking, or made into butter and cheese. Its flesh is called beef {q.v.); its'fat is made into tallow, from which candles and soap are made; its skin is tanned and made into boots, shoes, harness, and other leather articles; its hair is mixed with plaster; its hoofs are made into glue; its horns are made into combs, spoons, buttons, and the handles of knives and forks; and in some countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, oxen are used as beasts of burden or to draw the plough. There are many different breeds, some of which are useful for dairy purposes, others yield good beef.