Ear-Wig, or Forficula auri-cularis, L. a well known insect, which has received its name from penetrating into the human ear, where it causes the most acute pains, and even, as some have asserted, eventual death.

Various remedies have been applied to extract, this noxious insect, such as the holding of a slice of apple to the ear ; pouring of Madeira wine or brandy into that organ, etc. But the safest, and we conceive, the best remedy is, to pour olive-oil into the part affected, and to avoid on every occasion sleeping on the ground, particularly during the autumnal months.

Ear-wigs are likewise extremely destructive in gardens, especially where carnations, nuts, or filberts, pears and apples are reared. They are so peculiarly fond of the flowers first mentioned, that if they be not timely prevented, they will entirely destroy them, by con suming the sweet part at the bottoms of the petals or leaves. To prevent these depredations, the usual practice is, to put the bowl of a tobacco-pipe, or the claws of lobsters, upon the sticks supporting the flowers, because. ear-wigs creep into cavities and dark places during the day. The placing of hollow reeds behind the twigs of wall-trees, has been found of considerable service, if they be examined and cleared every morning. A visit at midnight, however, is preferable, as more vermin may then be destroyed in one hour, than can be exterminated in one week by the other means ; and the garden will in a short time be, in a very considerable degree, if not totally, freed from their depredations.

Ear-Wig. - The following method of extirpating these mischievous insects, is recommended by Mr. Forsyth, who has successfully practised it tor several years. Let old bean-stalks be cut into tubes, about nine inches long; then be tied up in small bundles, either with pack-thread, or the pliant twigs of young willows; and be suspended on nails against the wall, in the vicinity of trees. Early in the following morning, a board about 18 inches square should be procured, and a small wooden trowel: the bundles of such beanstalks are now to be taken down separately, stricken against the board, and the ear-wigs be destroyed with the trowel, as they fall out of the stalks. - If this method be repeated daily, or every second morning, the increase of the insects will speedily be checked.

The propagation of these vermin may be still more certainly prevented, by immersing the shreds taken from trees that have been un-nailed in autumn, in boiled soapsuds, for three or four days previously to using them again : in this simple manner, the eggs of earwigs, as well as those of other insects, will be effectually exterminated.