Sierra Nevada (See-er'ra Ne-vah'da, 'snowy Range'), a mountain-range of southern Spain, stretches east through the province of Granada to the frontiers of Almeria, is 60 miles in length, 20 to 30 in breadth, and 1060 sq. m. in area. The Pic de Velate (11,670 feet) is the highest point of the peninsula. The range receives its name from the perpetual snow which covers the highest summits (down to 11,000 feet). - (2) A range of mountains in California, forming the eastern boundary of its Great Central Valley, and extending from north-west to south-east 450 miles, until in the neighbourhood of 35° N. this and the Coast Range meet. Among the higher peaks are Mount Whitney (14,898 feet high), Mount Shasta (14,440), Mount Tyndall (14,386). The sides of the range are covered with forests, gold is found, and silver-mines have been opened on the east side. The Southern Pacific Railroad crosses the range at an altitude of 7042 feet. - (3) Sierra Nevada de Merida is the principal chain of the Andes in Venezuela, rising to over 15,300 feet. - (4) Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a system in Colombia, flanking the sea, the central knot rising to peaks of from 16,400 to 17,500 feet. Copper, silver, gold, and coal are found.