(C) Waist Line


2. Bands..

1. Material

2. Beading

3. Insertion

4. Tape

5. Elastic (silk petticoat)

6. Belting (silk petticoat)

3. Facings..

l.» Lengthwise a. Corset cover b. Night-dress c. Petticoat d. Drawers 2. Bias

1. Drawers

2. Petticoat (silk)

4. Peplum..

1. Circular

Lower edge of corset cover

5. Fastenings . .

1. Buttonholes

2. Buttons

3. Tapes

4. Hooks and eyes

5. Snap fasteners

Silk petticoat

(d) Neckline..

1. Fulness.....

1. Narrow tucks

2. Gathers

3. Eyelets drawn up by ribbon

2. French hem..

1. Plain or decorated with featherstitching Beading overhanded to hem Lace overhanded to bead ing

2. Lace overhanded to hem with eyelets below to draw ribbon through

3. Gathers.....

1. Entre-deux fulness set in with seam bound with edge of entre-deux

2. Finishing braid or Bias band: featherstitched set over gathers; lace overhanded to band

3. Edge rolled and whipped and overhanded to beading or lace

4. Embroidery.

1. Buttonholed scallops on edge; eyelets below for ribbons

5. Lace on raw edges ....

1. Lace beading insertion or edge whipped to raw edge of garment

(d) Neck line.. . - Continued.

5. Lace on raw edges - Continued.

2. Lace hemmed (lower edge) to right side garment; neat cut away on under side; raw edge material whipped to self; beading, or footing (folded to form casing) overhanded to upper edge of lace

3. Lace fagotted (Bermuda fagoting) to material; raw edge of material cut away

6. Embroidered, edging insertion or entre-deux

1. Embroidery beading or insertion: plain edge used for facing; gathers placed just below embroidery

2. Edging gathered and set into entre-deux or beading. Garment also gathered and set into other • edge of beading with French seam

3. Edges of insertion or entredeux, cut close to embroidery ;lace overhanded to it, or edge of cloth left beyond 1/8 inch, and lace whipped to raw edge of this

7. Ribbons, etc.

1. Wash ribbon:

Plain and figured, preferably white, or dainty colors

2. Lingerie braid

3. Bobbin (linen)

(e) A r m h o 1 e and sleeves

(lower edge)

1. Corset cover a. Corset cover b. Night-gown

Armhole similar to neck, usually omitting ribbon beading

2. Sleeves.....


a. Set in with plain seam and bound with bias strip of material b. French seam, using entredeux

Lower edge. . .Repeat neck finish.