Mensuration and the Division of Land. Tables of the Weights of Iron and other Building Materials. Constants of Labour. Valuation of Property. Summary of the Practice in Delapidations. Scale of Professional Charges for Architects and Surveyors. Tables of English and French Weights and Measures.

"The tenth edition of this invaluable Pocket Book has just made its appearance; space will not permit us to describe all the changes made in it, for it has been entirely re-written. The formulae and tables contained in former editions have been supplemented by many others, the chapter of useful Memoranda regarding different kinds of work has been greatly extended, and a most valuable addition has been made to the work in the shape of37 pp. of admirably condensed Memoranda connected with Sanitary Engineering. The book is very well got up, and though it contains nearly twice as much matter as the last edition, the paper and type have been so arranged that it does not occupy a greater bulk." - Royal Engineers' Journal.

E. & F. N. SPON, 125, STRAND.

Architectural Drawing Copies. A Series of Lithographed Working Drawings of the most important details of Building Construction, drawn to a large scale, showing clearly how work is put together, and giving the technical terms used in the various trades, especially designed for instruction in Architectural Drawing and Building Construction, by W. Busbridge, First-Class Certificated Teacher of the Science and Art Department; Head Master of the Metropolitan Drawing Classes; and Instructor of Mechanical Drawing at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. These Plates are approved and recommended by the Science and Art Department and their Professional Examiners, and are used in the leading Colleges, and Science and Art Schools of the Country. Price 3d. per Sheet. Each plate is complete in itself, the first 26 sheets in one vol., 7s. 6d.

Builders' Price-Book. Spons' Builders' Pocket-Book of Prices and Memoranda, edited by W. Young, Architect, royal 32mo, roan, 4s. 6d., or cloth, vermilion edges, 3s. 6d.

Published annually.


Ancient Lights, Table of and Rules for Calculating.

Approximate Cost of Buildings, by Cubing.

Arches, Architects' Charges.

Bricklayers' Useful Memoranda.

Carpenters' and Joiners' Useful Memoranda.

Cast-iron Hollow Columns, Table of.

Cements, Composition and Strength of Chimneys, How to Build.

Chimneys, Smoky, Cause and Cure of.

Churches, Rules of Incorporated Society.

Circle, Properties of.

Coals, Space occupied by, & Weight of.

Columns, Strength of.

Concrete Building.

Concrete under Water.

Corrugated Iron Roofing.

Cubical Contents of Floors, Roofs, etc., Table of.

Damp Walls, Recipe for.

Decay of Wood, Cause and Cure of.

Dimensions of English Cathedrals and Halls.

Drainage of Land.

Drainage of Towns, Cost of.

Drains and Sewers.

Excavators' Useful Memoranda.

Fire and Insurance Memoranda.

Five Orders of Architecture.

Floors and Joists, Table of Wood.

Footings of Walls.

Gasfitters' Useful Memoranda.

Gas Supply.

Girders of Wood and Iron, Strength of, and Table of Safe Loads.


Heights, Measurable.

Hoop Iron.

Iron Roofs, Examples of.

Lightning Conductors.


Leads on Roofs and Floors.

Measurement of Builders' Work.


Mortar, Smeaton's, as used at Eddy-stone Lighthouse.


Nomenclature, Architectural.

Norman, Early English, Decorated, and Perpendicular Mouldings, Examples of.

Paviors' Memoranda.


Piers and Pillar


E. & F. N. SPON, 125, STRAND.



Plasterers' Memoranda.

Plumbers' Memoranda.

Preservation of Wood and Stone.


Retaining Walls.

Rolled Iron Joists.

Roofs, Table of Scanting, etc.


Stone, Building, Component Parts,

Colour, Weight, Strength, and Price of Building Stones in England and

Scotland. Surveying. Symbolism. Tenacity of Materials. Thickness of Walls. Timbers, Quality, Weight, and

Strength of. Valuation of Property. Ventilation. Warming by Steam. Water, Hot. Water Supply. Waterworks.

Weight of Metals and all Material used in Build Wells.

Wind, Pressure of. Zinc-worker's Memoranda. Excavators' Prices. Bricklayers' Prices. Masons' Prices. Marble Masons' Prices. Terra-cotta Prices. Paviors' Prices. Carpenters' Prices. Joiners' Prices. Steam-made Joinery Prices. Ironmongers' Prices. Slaters' Memoranda. Slaters' Prices. Tilers' Prices. Plasterers' Prices. Plumbers' Prices. Smiths' and Founders' Prices. Zinc-workers' and Bell-hangers' Prices. Painters' and Paper-hangers' Prices. Glaziers' Prices.

Carpentry. Elementary Principles of Carpentry, by Thomas Tredgold, revised from the original edition, and partly rewritten, by John Thomas Hurst, contained in 517 pages of letterpress, and illustrated with 48 plates and 150 wood engravings, fifth edition, crown 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth, 12s. 6d.

Section I - On the Equality and Distribution of Forces.

,, II. - Resistance of Timber.

,, III. - Construction of Floors.

,, IV. - Construction of Roofs.

,, V. - Construction of Domes and Cupolas.

,, VI. - Construction of Partitions.

,, VII. - Scaffolds, Staging, and Gantries.

Section VIII- Construction of Centres for Bridges.

,, IX. - Coffer-dams, Shoring, and Strutting.

,, X. - Wooden Bridges and


,, XI. - Joints, Straps, and other Fastenings.

,, XII. - Timber.

Casting and Founding. A Practical Treatise on Casting and Founding, including descriptions of the modern machinery employed in the art, by R. E. Spretson, Engineer, with 82 plates drawn to scale, third edition, 8vo, cloth, i8s.

Pig Iron and some of its Characteristics - On Designing Castings - Furnaces and Fuel - Measures of Heat - Thermometers and Pyrometers - Refractory-Materials - Crucibles - Blowing Engines - Fans and Blowers - Patterns- Materials used in Moulding - Moulding - Chill Casting - Malleable Cast Iron - Case Hardening - Casting on to other Metals - Drying Stoves - Foundry Pits- Crane Ladles - Foundry Cranes - Cast Steel - Brass foundry - Bronze Fine Art Work-Statue Founding - Bell Founding - Cleaning and Dressing Foundings - Examples of Foundries - Cost of Moulding and Casting - Alloys, etc., etc.