(1) Colocynth pulp, cut in pieces and the seeds removed, simply macerated in cold water for 36 hours, frequently pressing it with the hands, and afterwards strongly pressing out the liquor, which must be strained before evaporating.

(2) Compound

(a) 6 oz. colocynth free from seeds, 12 oz. extract of Soco-trine aloes, 4 oz. scammony or resin of scammony in powder, 3 oz. hard soap in powder, 1 oz. cardamoms free from capsules in fine powder, 160 oz. proof spirit; macerate the colocynth in the spirit for 4 days, press out the tincture, distil off the spirit, and add to it the extract of aloes, soap, and scammony; evaporate the residue by a water bath to a pilular consistence, adding the cardamoms towards the end of the process.

(b) 6 oz. colocynth pulp, sliced, without the seeds, 1 gal. proof spirit; digest with a gentle heat for 4 days, express, strain, and add 12 oz. extract of aloes, 4 oz. powdered scammony, 3 oz. Castile soap cut small; distil and evaporate to a proper consistence, adding towards the last, 1 oz. powdered cardamoms.

(c) 18 lb. Turkey colocynth boiled in about 20 times its weight of water for 5 or 6 hours; to the strained decoction add 40 lb. hepatic aloes, which are boiled until dissolved, when the solution is decanted. In the meantime the colocynth is exhausted with a second quantity of water (less than the first), and the strained liquor is added to the undissolved residue of the aloes, and boiled for a few minutes; after which it is drawn off and mixed with the first decoction of aloes; the mixed liquors are allowed to stand until quite cold (say next day), to deposit the resinous portion. The liquor is decanted or drawn off, and set evaporating as quickly as possible; as soon as a treacly consistence is arrived at, the whole is allowed to cool considerably, and 4 lb. clean moist sugar and 10 lb. Castile soap (previously melted with a little water) are added; 6 lb. powdered scammony is next gradually sifted in, the extract all the time being assiduously stirred by a second person. Lastly, the heat is further moderated, and the stirring continued until a rather harder consistence is acquired than is proper for the extract, when the steam is wholly shut off, or the vessel removed from the heat.

As soon as the whole has become sufficiently cool to prevent any considerable evaporation of the spirit, 1 qt. essence of cardamoms is expertly stirred in, and the extract at once (whilst still warm) put into stone jars or pots, and tied or covered over.

(d) 2 1/4 lb. Turkey colocynth, 5 1/2 lb. hepatic aloes, 1 1/2 lb. powdered scammony, 6 oz. cardamoms (or 1/2 pint essence), 1 lb. 2 oz. genuine Castile soap, 1/2 lb. pale moist sugar; proceed as last.