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Books and Periodicals 325The Most Popular Scientific Paper in the World

The Most Popular Scientific Paper in the World

Established 1845. Weekly, $3.00 a Year; $1.50 Six Months.

This unrivaled periodical is now in its sixtieth year, and, owing to its ever-increasing popularity, it enjoys the largest circulation ever attained by any scientific publication. Every number contains sixteen large pages, beautifully printed, handsomely illustrated; it presents in popular style a descriptive record of the most novel, interesting and important developments in Science, Arts and Manufactures. It shows the progress of the World in respect to New Discoveries and Improvements, embracing Machinery, Mechanical Works, Engineering in all its branches, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Electricity, Light, Heat, Architecture, Domestic Economy, Agriculture, Natural History, etc. It abounds in fresh and interesting subjects for discussion, thought or study. To the inventor it is invaluable, as every number contains a complete list of all patents and trademarks issued weekly from the Patent Office. It promotes Industry, Progress, Thrift and Intelligence in every community where it circulates.

The Scientific American should have a place in every Dwelling, Shop, Office, School, or Library. Workmen, Foremen, Engineers, Superintendents, Directors, Presidents, Officials, Merchants, Farmers, Teachers, Lawyers, Physicians, Clergymen - People in every walk and profession in life will derive satisfaction and benefit from a regular reading of the Scientific American.

If you want to know more about the paper send for "Fifteen Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to the Scientific American," and for "Five Reasons Why Inventors Should Subscribe to the Scientific American." Fifty-two numbers make 832 large pages, equal to 3,328 ordinary magazine pages, and 1,000 illustrations are published each year. Can you and your friends afford to be without this up-to-date periodical which is read by every class and profession? Remit $3.00 by postal order or check for a year's subscription, or $1.50 for six months.

Munn & CO., Publishers, 361 Broadway, New York City

Established 1876.

Established 1876.

This journal is a separate publication from the Scientific American, and is designed to extend and amplify the work carried on by the parent paper. In size and general make-up it is uniform therewith, covering sixteen pages of closely printed matter, handsomely illustrated. It has no advertising pages, and the entire space is given up to the scientific, mechanical and engineering news of the day. It differs from the Scientific American in that it contains many articles that are too long to be published in the older journal, or of a more technical nature.

The price of the Supplement is $5.00 a year, but where subscribers take both the Scientific American and the Scientific American Supplement a special combined rate of $7.00 for both is made if the papers are mailed to one address. Remit by postal order or check. All copies of the Supplement since January 1, 1876, are In print and can be supplied at the uniform price of 10 cents each, thus enabling readers to obtain access to a most valuable source of information on almost every subject at the most moderate price. A large Supplement Catalogue giving a list of nearly 15.000 valuable papers will be mailed free to any one. Address

Munn & CO., Publishers, 361 Broadway, New York City

Isometrical View Of Track

Isometrical View Of Track

Steel Faced Roads Solve the Problem

Cost No More Than Macadam And Need Practically No Repairs

The United States Department of Agriculture, Road Division, says:

" 1. - That the steel track wagon road can be built without greater cost in most cases, and probably with less cost in many cases, than any other hard and durable road.

" 2. - That it will last many times as long as any known material for road purposes, and with much less repair.

" 3. - That the power required to move a vehicle over the steel track road is only a fraction of the power required to move the same vehicle over any other kind of road."

This is stated after thorough investigation and from expert knowledge

Full information and details for domestic and foreign use, furnished upon application

Fully Adapted To Bridges, Wharves, Etc.

Steel Highway Track Construction Co.

Drexel Building, Philadelphia

Revised and Enlarged Edition

Revised and Enlarged Edition

The Scientific American Cyclopedia of Receipts, Notes and Queries

Books and Periodicals 330

15,000 Receipts. 734 Pages

Price $5.00 in Cloth. $6.00 in Sheep. $6.50 in Half Morocco.

Post Free.

This work has been revised and enlarged.

The work is so arranged as to be of use not only to the specialist, but to the general reader. It should have a place in every home and workshop. A circular containing full Table of Contents will be sent on application.

Those who already have the Cyclopedia may obtain the I90I Appendix.

Price, bound in cloth, $1.00 postpaid.

Twenty-third Edition

Experimental Science

By George M. Hopkins

Revised and Greatly Enlarged. Two Octavo Volumes. 1,100 Pages. 900 Illustrations. Cloth Bound, Postpaid, $5.00. Half Morocco, Postpaid, $7.00.

Experimental Science is so well known to many of our readers that it is hardly necessary now to give a description of this work. Mr. Hopkins decided some months ago that it would be necessary to prepare a new edition of this work in order that the many wonderful discoveries of modern times might be fully described in its pages. Since the last edition was published, wonderful developments in wireless telegraphy, for example, have been made. It was necessary, therefore, that a good deal of new matter should be added to the work in order to make it thoroughly up to date, and with this object in view some 200 pages have been added. On account of the increased size of the work, it has been necessary to divide it into two volumes, handsomely bound in buckram.