Many essences or extracts appear in commerce under names which have no relation to the ingredients of the liquid whatsoever. They bear fancy names.

The intelligent carbonator can easily put them up, if he is in want of a new drink, by simply combining a few of the many flavors we give to a new compound, or by extracting various drugs to obtain a compound extract. We append a few formulae for examples:

Formula I

Cinnamon, ground, eight ounces; cloves, seven ounces; lemon peel, sliced, three ounces; orange peel, bitter, sliced, three ounces, cardamom seed, ground, one ounce; mace, powdered, one ounce; vanilla bean, sliced and cut, one-half ounce. A mixture of equal parts of water and alcohol of 95 per cent., sufficient to obtain twenty-five or fifty ounces of extract as desired. Put all in still on a seive and digest twenty-four hours. When cool filter. The essence may also be prepared by maceration and the drugs exhausted by percolation.

Formula II

Cinnamon, bruised or ground, ten ounces; cloves, bruised, eight ounces; cardamom, one ounce; vanilla bean, sliced and cut, one ounce; alcohol and water sufficient to obtain twenty or forty ounces of extract. Proceed as before. Digest or macerate and percolate as preferred.

Formula III

Mace, three ounces; cinnamon, six drachms; cloves, six drachms; vanilla bean, cut and sliced, two drachms. Digest or macerate with one quart of diluted alcohol and percolate. To the finished extract add four ounces of cognac essence, four ounces of grape or cognac essence, five ounces of artificial pineapple essence. This extract will improve by age, or is improved by rectification. It is indeed of an excellent aroma. By the addition of some red or white wine and macerating the whole mixture, an exquisite vinous aroma is obtained by the extract which it otherwise would not acquire.

Formula IV

In the same way as the various drugs are mixed, and a compound extract or tincture obtained, the various essential oils of such drugs can be proportionally compounded, cut and dissolved in alcohol and diluted with water to become water soluble, or the concentrated essences may be rectified in the glass retort and new and harmonious flavors created.