Tomato Pickles

Slice thin one gallon green tomatoes, salt and let stand over night; next morning drain, chop one gallon cabbage, grate one quart horseradish. Put tomatoes on in vinegar, boil until tender, pour over cabbage, let stand till cool, and drain. Mix horseradish, celery, mustard seed and mixed spices; then boil vinegar and sugar and pour over them.


One peck green tomatoes, one dozen onions, six red peppers, one-half ounce ginger, one-quarter of an ounce of mace, one tablespoonful black pepper, one box of mustard, five cents' worth of celery seed, one pound of brown sugar; slice onions, tomatoes, and peppers, put in a jar with salt, mix well, let stand twenty-four hours ; drain off and boil in vinegar (after adding the spices) until clear.

Mixed Pickles

One-fourth peck green tomatoes, twelve large pickles, three dozen small pickles, eight large onions, two heads cauliflower, one pint small green beans, one pint salt. Place in jar, let stand over night, rinse in cold water. Take equal parts vinegar and water, put in the ingredients, boil until tender (about ten minutes), drain, put three quarts vinegar, one pound brown sugar, one-half pound mustard seed, five cents' worth turmeric, one-fourth pound ground mustard, four tablespoonfuls black pepper, one ounce celery seed. Let come to a boil, put in jar and seal.

Tomato Sweet Pickles

Slice tomatoes, salt and let stand over night; then drain well and place in porcelain kettle and cover with vinegar ; let come to boil, then lift out the slices with a fork and place in cans previously heated. Have a syrup ready. Two pints sugar, one of vinegar, with spices to taste; let boil till thick and pour over tomatoes, then seal.

Ripe Tomato Pickles

For seven pounds of tomatoes, make a syrup of one quart of vinegar and four pounds of sugar. Scald, skin and drain the tomatoes. Boil them in the syrup, adding a little stick cinnamon. Must boil a long time, or until quite thick, or they will not keep unless in air-tight cans.

Pickled Pears

One quart of vinegar, two quarts sugar; boil together; pour over pears; let stand over night. In the morning pour hot boiling syrup on pears; let cook until tender ; put fruit in cans ; add one-half ounce of cloves, one ounce stick cinnamon; boil in syrup until thick. For one gallon of pears.

Pickled Peaches

For six pounds of fruit use three of sugar, about three dozen cloves, and a pint of vinegar. Put one or two cloves into each peach. Have the syrup hot; cook until tender.

Pickled Cherries

To every quart of cherries (fresh tart ones) add a cupful of vinegar and two tablespoonfuls of sugar, with a dozen cloves and six blades of mace.

Boil the vinegar, sugar and spices five minutes, and after it has cooled strain out the spices, and pour the vinegar over the cherries, which have been placed in jars till three-quarters full. Cork or cover tight.