Ox Tail Soup

Boil two ox tails three to four hours, season with salt, black pepper and a small piece of ripe pepper pod. Add one-half cup barley, previously soaked in cold water three hours, a cup of tomato juice and a little carrot finely chopped. Boil all together one hour and serve hot.

Vermicelli Soup

Take four pounds of lamb, removing all fat, one pound veal and a slice of ham, cut up, cover with a quart of cold water, and let it heat slowly. Keep it closely covered. After an hour, add four quarts of boiling water, and cook till the meat is in shreds. Then season with salt, herbs, and a little Worcestershire sauce, boiling for ten minutes in the soup. Then strain and set again on the fire. Now add about the third of a pound of vermicelli which has been boiled tender. Boil up once, and serve. Macaroni may be used if preferred to vermicelli.

Philadelphia Pepper Pot

Put two pounds of tripe and four calves' feet into the soup pot and cover them with cold water; add a red pepper, and boil until the calves' feet have become very tender. Then take out the meat, skim and stir the liquid, and cut the tripe into small pieces, which put back into the liquid. If there is not enough of this add boiling water. Flavor with half a teaspoonful of sweet marjoram, sweet basil, and thyme, two sliced onions, sliced potatoes and salt. When these have boiled until almost tender, add a piece of butter rolled in flour, drop in some egg balls, boil fifteen minutes more. Serve hot.

Noodles for Soup - Beat up one egg light, add a pinch of salt, and flour enough to make a very stiff dough; roll out like thin pie crust, and dredge with flour to keep from sticking. Let this dry for an hour or more; then roll it up into a tight scroll, and slice it into thin pieces. After all are cut, mix them lightly together, and, 374 to prevent them sticking, keep them floured a little until you are ready to drop them into your soup. This should be done 15 min utes before serving, for if boiled too long they will go to pieces.

Fish Soup

Select a large, fine fish, clean thoroughly, and put over the fire in water, allowing one quart for each pound of fish. Add an onion cut fine, and a bunch of sweet herbs. When the fish is cooked, and is quite tasteless, strain all through a cullender, return to the fire and add some butter; then salt and pepper to taste. A small tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce may be added. Serve with small squares of fried bread and thin slices of lemon.

Oyster Soup

Strain the juice from two quarts of oysters, add to it a teacupful of water, and heat slowly in a covered vessel. When near boiling, season with salt and pepper, add the oysters, and let them stew for about five minutes. Heat in a separate vessel a quart of milk with two tablespoon-fuls of butter, pour in, and stir well for two minutes.

Be very careful that the soup is cooked just enough. Too much cooking ruins the oysters, while they are equally ruined for the taste by being underdone. The plumpness of the body and the ruffling of the edge are indications of their being in the right condition. Serve with sliced lemon and oyster or cream crackers. Mace and nutmeg may be used for seasoning.

Oyster Bouillon - Wash and chop fifty good-sized oysters, put them in a double boiler, cover and cook slowly for an hour ; add a pint of water, a level teaspoonful of celery seed, and strain through two thicknesses of cheesecloth ; reheat, add a level tablespoonful of butter, a little salt, and serve in cups.