Clam Soup

Take twenty-five clams, and chop fine. Put over the fire the liquor that was drained from them, pour in a cup of water, and let boil ten minutes ; then add the chopped clams, and boil half an hour. Season to taste with pepper and salt and two tablespoonfuls of butter; let it boil again and add one quart of milk heated to scalding, stir in a tablespoonful of. flour made to 2 cream with a little cold milk, or two crackers rolled fine. Some like a little mace and lemon juice in the seasoning. Serve without delay.

Green Turtle Soup

Chop the coarser meat of the turtle, with the bones, add four quarts of water, with salt, pepper, two onions, and a bunch of sweet herbs. Stew slowly for four hours, keeping it at a boil. Then strain the soup, and add the finer meat and the green fat of the turtle, which have been simmering for an hour in a quart of water. Thicken with brown flour and boil for an hour more. If there are turtle eggs, boil them separately for four hours, then throw into the soup. Use force-meat balls if there are no eggs. Then put in the juice of one lemon and a glass of Madeira wine. Beat up once and pour out. Any private family can now obtain green turtle meat for soup, it being preserved in air-tight cans.

Chicken Soup

Prepare a fowl for cooking. Separate it at the joints and cut it into small pieces. Put the meat into a saucepan with three pints of water and cook it slowly from 2 1/2 to 3 hours, or until very tender. Then take out the meat, let the liquor continue to boil, and to it add two tablespoonfuls of rice, two tablespoonfuls of finely cut onion, which has been fried in a little butter until soft, but not brown, and three peppercorns. Remove the gristle from the meat and put the meat, with one tea-spoonful of salt, into the soup, and simmer until the rice is very soft. A little white pepper and celery salt may be added, if desired. If the water boils away during the cooking, add more boiling water. Serve the soup with croutons.


Cut slices of stale bread 1/2 inch thick. Cut off the crusts and divide the slices into 1/2 inch cubes. Place them on a tin sheet and bake them until golden-brown. Serve with stews and soups.

Vegetable Soup

Scrape one small carrot and pare one small turnip, removing a thick skin. Grate and add them to one cup of soup stock and let it simmer 45 minutes. Pare one potato, cut it into small cubes and add it to the stock after the turnip and carrot have cooked 15 minutes. Add some tomato, if desired. The soup may be varied by using rice or noodles with the stock, instead of vegetables.

Thick Vegetable Soup - Put 1 lb. shin bone into one pint cold water with one-half teaspoonful each of salt and sugar, let it simmer. Brown two sliced onions in one table-spoonful of butter, stir in an equal quantity of flour and brown it; add one cup boiling water gradually, and, when the mixture is smooth and thick, stir it into the soup. Cut two carrots and two turnips in small squares, and some celery in 1/2 inch strips, and add them. Simmer two hours. Three-quarters of an hour before serving slice two potatoes, parboil 5 minutes, and add them and one-half teaspoonful of pepper. One tablespoonful of chopped parsley may be added just before serving. Remove the bone, separate the meat, if there is any, into small pieces, and serve in the soup. Do not put any fat meat into the soup.