Foreign Bodies In The Ear

- Take the head of the child between the knees, face downward, and inject a stream of warm water into the ear, holding the nozzle of the syringe outside, so as to allow the foreign body to come out with the water. Probing, with any substance whatever, is very dangerous, and may inflict permanent injury. When the above plan does not succeed, call a surgeon. Kill insects that get into the ear by pouring in sweet-oil or glycerine, which drowns and brings them to the surface.

Foreign Body In Nostril

- Children often push foreign bodies up the nostril. To remove it, make the child draw a full breath, and then, closing the other nostril with the finger, and the mouth with the hand, expel the air from the lungs by a sharp blow on the back. If it can not be removed in this way, compress the nostril above it to prevent its going up any further, and hook it out with the bent end of a wire or bodkin. If this fails, call a surgeon.


- Keep the frozen person, or part, away from the heat. If the person is insensible, take him to a cold room, remove clothing, rub with snow or clothes wrung out of ice-water. The cold friction should be kept up for some time; and when the frozen parts show signs of life, the patient should be carefully dried and put into a cold bed in a cold room, and artificial respiration used until the natural is restored; and then brandy, beef-tea, and ginger-tea administered. The patient must be brought by degrees into the warmer air. Parts frozen should be treated by the same rule.

Bites Of Dogs

The only safe remedy in case of a bite from a dog suspected of madness, is to burn out the wound thoroughly with a red-hot iron, or with lunar caustic, for fully eight seconds, so as to destroy the entire surface of the wound. Do this as soon as possible, for no time is to be lost. Of course it will be expected that the parts touched with the caustic will turn black. If, unfortunately, it should chance that any one is bitten by a dog that is said to be mad, it is worth while to chain the animal up, instead of shooting it instantly, for if it should turn out that it is not mad - and a false alarm is frequently raised - the relief to the minds of all concerned is indescribable.

How To Kill Earth-Worms

Ten drops of carbolic acid in a pint of water, poured over earth in flower-pots will kill all earth-worms.

Sure Shot For Rose Slugs

- Make a tea of tobacco-stems and a soap-suds of whale-oil or carbolic soap, mix, and apply to the bush with a sprinkler, turning the bush so as to wet the under as well as the upper part of the leaves; apply before the sun is up three or four times.


- A successful cultivator of ivies feeds them with iron and cod-liver oil; the iron in form of rusty nails, mixed into the earth. Another produced a luxurious growth by watering once a week with tobacco-water; making a tea of refuse tobacco-leaves and stems, or of coarse tobacco. The water from the washing of fresh beef is also of great benefit to ivies. Moisten the leaves with a sponge wet in tea, or put tea-leaves around the plant.