How To Wash Preserve Jars

Preserve jars or bottles should be carefully washed as soon as emptied, taking care that the stoppers and covers have their share of attention. It is well to put soda or ammonia into the jars or bottles, fill up with water, and let stand an hour, putting the stoppers or covers into a )owl to soak in the same way. Then pour out and scald nicely, but not with boiling water, as that cracks the polished surface inside, wipe dry, set in the sun or wind to air, and then set away carefully.

Coffee Syrup

- Take half a pound of the best ground coffee; put it into a sauce-pan containing three pints of water, and boil it down to one pint: boil the liquor, put it into another sauce-pan, well scoured, and boil it again. As it boils add white sugar enough to give the consistency of syrup; take it from the fire, and when it is cool put in a bottle and seal. When traveling, if you wish for a cup of good coffee put two tea-spoons of the syrup into an ordinary cup, and pour boiling water upon it, and it is ready to use.

Rhubarb Vinegar

- For ten gallons, take twenty-five ordinary sized stalks of rhubarb, pound or crush with a piece of wood in the bottom of a strong tub, add ten gallons water; let stand twenty-four hours; strain off the crushed rhubarb, and add eighteen pounds of sugar free from molasses, and a teacup best brewer's yeast; raise the temperature to 65 or 68°, and put the compound into a twelve-gallon cask; place it in a position where the temperature will not fall below 60°. In a month strain it off from the grounds, returning it to the cask again, and let it stand till it becomes vinegar.

Warmed-Over Coffee

Save all that is left each meal, drain it off into a jar or earthen vessel, and when there is enough for a single meal, turn it into the coffee pot, beat an egg thoroughly and stir well into it on the stove, and let it just come to boiling, then take it off, pour in half a tea-cup of cold water, and if your coffee was good when first made, it will be just as good the second time.

When a large quantity of coffee has been made for a party, the grounds should be drained and put away in a stone jar; make coffee as usual except using double the quantity. It will keep good for weeks.

How To Clean Coffee Or Tea-Pots

Musty coffee-pots and tea-pots may be cleaned and sweetened by putting a good quantity of wood ashes into them and filling up with cold water. Set on the stove to heat gradually till the water boils. Let it boil a short time, then set aside to cool, when the inside should be faithfully washed and scrubbed in hot soap-suds, using a small brush that every spot may be reached; then scald two or three times, and wipe till well dried. Pots and pans or plates that have been used for baking and grown rancid, may be cleansed in the same way. Put the plates into a pan with wood ashes and cold water, and proceed as above stated. If no wood ashes can be had, take soda. Pie-plates and baking-dishes cleaned after this fashion will keep sweet all the time.