Things made for selling to men at bazaars should be thoroughly practical and ingenious, as is this shaving-paper case.

The ideal case holds not only the paper, but a little towel for wiping the razor, and a small piece of washleather for giving the final polish.

To make the case, first buy a packet of a soft Japanese paper, a quarter of a yard of tan linen, and a small piece of washleather-which will cost about 2 3/4 d.-a quarter of a yard of cheap thin bath towelling, and a skein of rather thick mercerised cotton to match the linen.

Lay the paper on a piece of thick card, and cut the card out about three-quarters of an inch larger than the paper.

Cut a strip of linen 28 1/2 inches long and rather more than the width of the card, to allow for turnings. Make a pocket 6 inches deep at each end of this. On one side leave a turning of a quarter of an inch, and on the other of 1 1/4 inches at the top of the pocket. Hem the narrower turning. Into the opposite pocket slip the card, and tuck in the wide turning neatly. There is a space of an inch of the material between the two pockets which must be neatly hemmed.

Lay the paper in the centre of the card to find the exact position in which to put the ribbons at each corner of it; sew the ribbons firmly right through the card; then oversew the card into the linen pocket at the top edge, and your case is complete.

Now proceed to make the two little towels. Cut them so that when the edges are hemmed they will be slightly smaller than the case. After hemming them, buttonhole them round the edge with the tan cotton. Pierce a little hole in the top corners with a stiletto-do not cut it, as the material would fray-and buttonhole this round the edge. Then cut a piece of the leather about the same size, buttonholing it around the edge with the mercerised cotton. Cut two little holes in the top corners with a pair of embroidery scissors, and buttonhole them with ordinary cotton. Now lay the paper on the lower part of the case, then the little leather, and then one of the towels. Slip the other towel into the pocket, being sure to see that it lies quite flat. It is a great improvement to have some sort of decoration on the outside of the pocket flap. Nothing looks better than a crowing chanticler perched on a wall, painted to look as though it had been stencilled. Oil paint, diluted with a special medium sold for the purpose, should be used for it, so that it will wash. Those who cannot paint could do the same design in needlework. If the case is being given as a. present, the initials of the recipient should be worked or painted in one corner. The advantage of making this case in linen is that, if the card is slipped out, which can very easily be done, the case can be sent to the wash. Tan-coloured linen looks particularly smart.

The cost of making will be about 6d

The cost of making will be about 6d. for the linen, 2 1/2 d. for the paper, 1d. for the towelling, 2 3/4 d. for the washleather, and 1d. for the mercerised thread; is. 1 1/4 d. altogether, and the case should sell for 2s. 6d. or 3s. 6d., according to whether it is decorated outside or not.