Peanut Butter Canapes

6 buttered toast rounds

Peanut butter

Thick mayonnaise dressing, or well-moistened cream cheese

Narrow strips of green and red peppers

Spread the toast rounds lightly with peanut butter, and place alternately on them the strips of red and green peppers, pressing them firmly into place. Pipe the mayonnaise or cheese around the edge, by means of a pastry bag and tube.

Peanut Canapes

Cut rounds of bread and brown them in deep fat. Spread lightly with cream cheese, moistened with mayonnaise or cream, sprinkle thickly with chopped peanuts, put half a stuffed olive in the center of each, and put wreathes of parsley sprigs around the edges.

Tomato Canapes

6 slices bread 6 slices tomato 1/2 Neufchatel cheese Stiff mayonnaise Salt

Pepper Paprika

2 tablespoonfuls powdered parsley

Cut six slices of bread in round shapes, and toast or fry. Spread lightly with well-seasoned cream cheese, and set over it a slice of tomato. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pipe around each tomato slice a ring of mayonnaise, studded with mayonnaise roses, and pile three tiny balls of cream cheese, rolled in the parsley, on each tomato slice.

Hot Oyster Canapes

1 1/2 cupfuls cream

4 tablespoonfuls fine, soft bread crumbs 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls butter Few grains red pepper Few grains nutmeg

2 dozen oysters (cut in halves)

2 tablespoonfuls minced peppers

3/4 cupful quartered mushrooms

Toast rounds

Melt the butter, add the mushrooms and peppers and saute (fry) till softened. Add the cream, crumbs and seasonings, and, when hot, the oysters. Stir until the edges begin to curl, then serve on well-buttered toast rounds.

Mushroom Canapes

6 round bread croustades

6 large mushrooms

1 tablespoonful butter

Salt and pepper

2 tablespoonfuls thick cream


3 tablespoonfuls minced ham 1 teaspoonful green pepper, minced

Prepare six shallow bread croustades, and either toast or fry them. Remove the skins from the mushrooms and scoop out the gills. Chop the stems, add the peppers and saute, till softened, in the butter. Then add the cream and ham, season and pile lightly into the inverted mushroom caps. Bake five minutes in a quick oven, set in the croustades and serve individually.