Fricandeau Veal (1)

Cut a piece of veal from the leg, the same in width and depth, and about eight inches in length. Make a hole in the under part, and fill it with forcemeat; sew it up, lard the top and sides, cover it with slices of fat bacon, and then with white paper. Put into a saucepan some slices of undressed mutton, three onions and one carrot sliced, a bunch of sweet herbs, and a quart of good stock; put in the veal, cover the pan closely, and let it stew for three hours. Take out the veal, strain the gravy, and take off all the fat; add a table-spoonful of lemon pickle, and three of white wine; boil it quick to a glaze; keep the fricandean over hot water and covered, then glaze it, and serve with the rest of the glaze poured round it, and sorrel sauce, in a sauce tureen.

Fricandeau Veal (2)

Cut some slices of veal, lard them all through, and put them into a saucepan with some white stock, and a bit of ham, one onion, a little mace and pepper. Stew them gently an hour and a half; take them out, strain the gravy, and take off all the fat; boil it up quickly, lay in the fricandeau, and stew them till the liquor becomes like a brown jelly; take care they do not burn. Scald in boiling water three handfuls of sorrel, chop it, take out the meat, and make the sorrel hot in the sauce, and serve the fricandeau upon it.

Fricandeau Veal (3)

Chop very finely one pound of the lean of a loin of veal, and half a pound of the kidney fat; season it with pepper, salt, grated lemon-peel, the juice of one lemon, and a finely-shred anchovy. Soak, in boiling milk, two rusks, or biscuits, and mix it all well together; make it into balls, with a little flour. Fry them of a light brown, in butter, then stew them in some highly-seasoned gravy, dish them carefully, and strain the gravy over them. Garnish with cut lemon.

Fricandeau Veal (4)

Take the round or part of the round of a fillet, fry it in butter, of a nice brown, with onions cut in slices, and a little garlic, then set it to stew in some very rich gravy or cullis: when tender, take it out, thicken the gravy with flour, add a little lemon-juice, and serve this sauce over the veal.