Broiled Veal Breast

Half roast and then score it; season it with parsley, a few finely-minced sweet herbs, a little pepper and salt, and broil it. Make a sauce with some gravy seasoned with onion, grated nutmeg, mace, salt, and an anchovy; boil and strain it; thicken it with flour and butter. Add some minced capers and small mushrooms; pour it quite hot over the veal. Garnish with sliced lemon.

Collared Veal Breast

Bone it, and lay over it a thick layer of forcemeat, made with bread crumbs, chopped oysters, parsley, and grated ham, seasoned with lemon-peel, salt, pepper, and nutmeg, mixed with an egg beaten up. Roll and bind it with tape; boil it in a cloth, and put it on in boiling water; let it boil gently for three hours. Boil the bones with an onion, a bunch of sweet herbs, salt, and pepper; strain and thicken it with three table-spoon-fuls of cream, the yolks of two eggs beaten up, and a bit of butter mixed with flour. Parboil and slice the sweetbread, dip it into an egg,and strew over it grated bread; fry it with forcemeat balls. Serve the veal with the sauce poured over it. Garnish with the sweetbread and forcemeat balls.

Cold Hash

Mince a nice white piece of veal, wash and core some anchovies; take some pickled oysters, pickled cucumbers, and a lemon; shred and mix them with the veal, and place it in a dish; lay round it slices of veal, fillets of anchovies, pickled cucumbers sliced, whole pickled oysters, mushrooms and capers; lettuces shred small; pour in oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, and serve.

How To Warm Hashes, Made Dishes, Stews, Ragouts, Soups

Put what you have left into a deep hash-dish or tureen; when you want it, set this in a stewpan of boiling water: let it stand till the contents are quite warm.

Brown Rollklops Veal

Cut off some thin slices from a fillet of veal, and beat them. Take part of the fat from the loin and kidney: mince it finely with a small bit of veal, and six anchovies; season with salt, pounded ginger, and mace; put it over the slices of veal, and roll them up. Dip them into the beaten yolk of an egg, and then into grated bread; repeat this a second time, and fry them of a nice brown color in clarified beef dripping, then stew them in some good gravy, adding a little walnut pickle and half a pint of white wine.

Veal Cake

Take some nice thin slices of veal, and season them with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, grated; have ready some hard-boiled eggs, sliced, and put a layer of these at the bottom of a basin or pan, then a layer of veal, then some slices of ham, over this strew marjoram, thyme, parsley, shred fine, bread crumbs and lemon-peel, chopped small; then a layer of eggs, veal, ham, etc. and so continue till the pan is filled; pour some good gravy over the whole, cover the pan with coarse brown paper, tie it closely over, and set it to bake in a slow oven; an hour will be sufficient to bake it; when cold, turn it out upon a dish, and serve; garnish with parsley.