Fillet, Stewed Veal

Bone, lard, and stuff a fillet of veal; half roast, and then stew it with two quarts of white stock, a tea-spoonful of lemon pickle and one of mushroom ketchup. Before serving, strain the gravy, thicken it with butter rolled in flour, add a little cayenne, salt, and some pickled mushrooms; heat it, and pour it over the veal. Have ready two or three dozen of forcemeat balls to put round it and upon the top. Garnish with cut lemon.

Florentine Veal

Take two veal kidneys, and mince them with their fat, very small, and mix it with a few currants, the yolks of four or five eggs, boiled hard, and chopped small, a pippin cut fine, some bread crumbs, candied lemon-peel, cut small, and season with nutmeg, cloves, salt, mace, a little mountain wine, and some orange-flower water; line the bottom of a dish with a nice puff paste, put in the above, cover it with puff paste, and set it. to bake in a slow oven.

Veal Forcemeat

Of undressed lean veal (after you have scraped it quite fine, and free from skin and sinews), two ounces, the same quantity of beef or veal suet, and the same of bread crumbs; chop fine two drachms of parsley, one of lemon-peel, one of sweet herbs, one of onion, and half a drachm of mace, or allspice, beaten to fine powder; pound all together in a mortar; break into it the yolk and white of an egg; rub it all up well together, and season it with a little pepper and salt. This may be made more savory by the addition of cold boiled pickled tongue, anchovy, eschalot, cayenne or curry powder, etc.

Veal Fritters

Cut the remains of a tender piece of veal' into small, thin, round pieces; dip these into a good batter, and fry them in the usual way, in oil. When done, drain, sprinkle salt over, and serve thern.

Hashed Or Minced Veal

To make a hash cut the meat into slices; - to prepare minced veal, mince it as fine as possible (do not chop it); put it into a stew-pan with a few spoonfuls of veal or mutton broth, or make some with the bones and trimmings, as ordered for veal cutlets, a little lemon-peel minced fine, a spoonful of milk or cream; thicken with butter and flour, and season it with salt, a table-spoonful of lemon pickle, or Basil wine, or a pinch of curry powder.

If you have no cream, beat up the yolks of a couple of eggs with a little milk: line the dish with sippets of lightly toasted bread.

Minced veal makes a very pretty dish put into scollop shells, and bread crumbed over, and sprinkled with a little butter, and browned in a Dutch oven, or a cheese-toaster.

Kebobbed Veal

Cut into thin bits the size of a crown-piece some lean veal; season them with tumeric, pepper, and salt. Slice onions very thinly, and some garlic: put the slices of veal and onion upon a skewer, together with thin bits of pickled pork. Fry them brown with butter, and garnish with plenty of fried parsley.

Veal Leg In Surprise

Lard the veal with slips of bacon, and a little lemon-peel cut very thin; make stuffing the same as for a fillet of veal, only mix with it half a pint of oysters chopped small, and stuff your veal with this, and put it to slew with just sufficient water to cover it; let it stew very gently till quite tender; then take it up; skim off the fat from the liquor and add some lemon-juice, some mushroom ketchup, the crumb of a roll grated fine, half a pint of oysters, a pint of cream, and a bit of butter rolled in flour; let this sauce thick en over the fire, and serve it over the veal; garnish the dish with oysters, dipped in butter, and fried, and thin slices of toasted bacon.