Pickled Oysters

100 oysters (fresh). 1 pint best white wine vinegar. 1 medium-sized onion (chopped fine).

1 ounce whole black peppers. 1/2 ounce whole allspice. 1/2 teaspoonful salt.

Scald the oysters in their liquor, adding a little hot water if they are in danger of burning. At the end of three minutes, strain off the liquor, and spread the oysters on platters to cool. Add the vinegar, onion and seasoning to the oyster liquor, and boil for five minutes, closely covered. When cold, strain and pour over the oysters. Put into jars, cover close, and keep in a cool, dark place.

These will keep a month, perhaps longer.

Oysters A La Creme

1 pint cream, or milk, 2 tablespoonfuls flour. 2 tablespoonfuls butter.

1 quart oysters. Pepper and salt.

Boil the cream; rub the flour and butter, and stir in. "When well-thickened pour in the oysters with their liquor, and stir till well-mixed; add pepper and salt, and boil until the oysters ruffle, about three minutes. Have ready a platter, lined with slices of hot toast. Pour the oysters over and serve hot. If milk is used, one egg (beaten) should be added at the last, pouring the hot mixture on the egg, so as not to curdle it.

Fricasseed Oysters. (A New Orleans Receipt.)

1/4 cupful butter. 1 quart oysters. 1/4 cupful cream.

1 teaspoonful flour, or corn-starch.

1 egg well beaten. Salt and pepper. Chopped parsley (may be omitted).

Melt the butter in a pan; when very hot, add the oysters, well drained. Let all boil up a moment. Then add the cream, with the flour or cornstarch stirred into it. The moment the oysters ruffle, dip out a little of the hot cream and stir with the egg. Pour it in with the oysters; stir well, and take from the fire at once, as the egg should not cook but a moment. Add salt and pepper; also parsley, if you like. Serve on toasted bread, in a platter. For one gallon of oysters, use a cupful of butter, but not so much cream, as that would be too much liquid.

Oyster Boulette

1 quart oysters.

Butter size of an egg.

1 tablespoonful flour.

1/2 cupful broth, or boiling water.

1/2 cupful hot milk. 2 eggs, yolks only. Salt and pepper.

Blanch the oysters; melt the butter in a pan, then stir in the flour. Add the broth and milk, and boil for a few minutes. Strain the oysters, and add them to the sauce. Boil three minutes, then add the eggs, well-beaten, and mixed with a little of the hot sauce ; season, and pour the mixture at once over slices of hot toast, on a platter.

Devilled Oysters

Choose large oysters. Let them lie for fifteen minutes in a mixture of lemon juice, and melted butter, seasoned with a dash of cayenne pepper. Then roll them in powdered crumbs of bread or cracker; dip in beaten egg, and fry.

Curried Oysters

1 quart oysters. Butter, size of an egg. 1 tablespoonful flour. 1 teaspoonful curry powder.

1 lemon, juice only (may be omitted).

A little salt.

Drain the liquor from the oysters, and if there is not much add a little hot water. When this boils, stir in the butter, previously rubbed with the flour and curry powder. Mix smooth and add the lemon juice. Boil a moment, then add the oysters. Boil until they ruffle, about three minutes; sprinkle with salt and serve at once, in a covered dish. Pass rice around with them.